Little Girl Loved: A Letter For the Cleveland, Texas Child From a Black Father Who Cares


Baby girl, I have some things that I need to say to you.

It breaks my heart that these words are even necessary, that a black father has to have this conversation with one of his children. I wanted us to be beyond this, for our community to have moved past the pathology and self-hatred that sometimes threatens to engulf us.

I stand back and observe the nasty things that are being said about you and I want to wrap my arms around you and squeeze so hard that you can’t hear any of the ugliness, so hard that it blocks out the pain and wrenches out the grief. The accusations, the blaming the victim, the silly finger-pointing, are like a second wave of attacks on you, attacks that may be even more damaging and hurtful than the brutal things those boys did because these attacks are trying to penetrate your soul, to melt into your psyche. If you can, baby girl, run away from the words. Bury yourself in a Harry Potter novel or a Hannah Montana marathon.

But before you go, let me explain some things to you. What I must do is tell you about real black men. I want you to know these things because I have a son who is 7 years older than you, a nephew who is about your age, a nephew just a little younger, and they all have friends, many friends. In other words, I am surrounded by black boys. And if, in 15 or 20 years, one of them should come your way, I want you to know what a fine young man looks like, what he sounds like. I want you to have some familiarity with the proud young princes in our community, so that you might be able to wash off the unthinkable things that were done to you and one day find a measure of peace and happiness. Perhaps even with a young black man. That is my prayer for you.

If your memories should become clouded by ugly thoughts, your judgment damaged by pain, I want you to have this as a reference point, a few words that might serve as a guide.

See, we have for too long been consumed in our community by an overpowering need to protect our boys. It is an impulse that is easy to understand, surveying the hideous history of violence, degradation and emasculation our boys have endured. But with this sheltering comes its unfortunate consequence: the infantilizing of black boys. We treat them like misbehaving children who don’t know any better and, behold, that’s what they become. We excuse their horrendous misdeeds in the name of racial solidarity and, little by little, day by day, they slough off any vestiges of responsibility for their actions. They become less than whole. They become weak and egomaniacal and tyrannical, lacking self-control, lacking discipline, lacking perspective on their place in the world.

Baby girl, let me describe to you what a real black man should look like, how he will feel.

He will not ever raise his hand to you for he has been taught that an assault upon you is an assault upon his mother, his grandmother, his sisters, his aunts and all the nurturing souls who have unconditionally showered him with care.

He will not raise his voice to you for he respects your mind as well as your body and he knows that bluster and intimidation are really just a camouflage for weakness.

He will listen to you and really hear you for he will understand that your need to share your days and your thoughts are your way of connecting with him, bringing him into your mind space.

He will bring joy into your life for he knows that your joy is the true key to his happiness, perhaps the most important thing he can achieve in his life.

He will tell you what you mean to him. To be able to peer into his own soul and reveal the contents is an unfailing sign of manly strength and it also happens to be magic to a woman’s ears.

He will protect you but not disarm you. True protection is not smothering; it is providing you with the security to try and sometimes fail.

He will love you. And his love will feel like the most significant ingredient your spirit will ever encounter.

You may already know these things about a real black man; perhaps you have some around you or have come across them in your childhood. But I write this letter to you on the chance that this man I am describing, a real black man, has been a stranger to you. If he has yet to make his introduction, do not despair, baby girl. He is out here, watching over you, praying for you to emerge from these traumatic days with at least a small measure of dignity and self-assurance. He wants you to be able to work through your pain and confusion, then to look upon the community of black men that surrounds you and see his caring smile, his steadying hand, his strong shoulder. He is waiting to show you that he does exist, he does treasure you, he does want nothing but the best for you. Don’t be confused by the noise, the shouting, the ugliness that swirls now in your midst. That is just the sound of clowns in search of another circus. Unfortunately they will probably always be among us, but when you learn to turn down their volume, they are not hard to ignore.

I will close this now, my young princess, because I don’t want you to dwell on these things. I want you to smile again. I want you to laugh. I want you to play. Because that is how you teach your heart to sing. And we all can’t wait to sing along with you.




[Editor’s Note: After reading our MyBrownBaby post, “Gang Rape In Texas: When Will We Stop Sacrificing Girls In Defense of Black Boys,” Nick was moved to pen this letter to the 11-year-old victim. I extend a special invitation to the mothers and fathers who’ve read this powerful prose to leave empowering and loving messages to and for this child, and the many more like her, here at MyBrownBaby and at the Little Girl Loved FaceBook Group started by MyBrownBaby friend Robin Caldwell. We also suggest you follow @littlegirlloved on Twitter and, with the hashtag #littlegirlloved, share this post and the many e-letters we hope to collect for this child. Let’s lift her spirit and let her know that if her town won’t support her and her family, we certainly will.]

Nick Chiles, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, is the author of eight books, including the New York Times bestselling tome “The Blueprint: A Plan for Living Above Life’s Storms,” co-written with gospel legend Kirk Franklin. Nick also writes for several publications including Essence, where he frequently pens stories about fatherhood and manhood.

[Flickr photo credit: cliff1066]

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  1. What a powerful letter!

    I’m still speechless about this story… I am also embarrased that women are the main ones placing the blame on this young 11 year old girl. I pray that she receives the help that she so needs.

  2. I write this to you because you ARE a survivor. You may not feel like it right now, in fact you may not feel like one for a very long time to come. You have a long and winding road ahead of you and at times it will be very scary, it will also be joyous, it will leave you feeling weak at times but when you come to the end of the road you will realize that you are stronger than you ever thought possible. That your strength has been with you all along, that this strength helped you walk down that road as you reclaim your body and mind for yourself. There are many others that have walked this path or a similar path before you. Look to them for added strength when you need someone to help hold you up when things get hard. Find strength in the love and support of those that are rooting for you, wrapping their arms around you to provide you with safe and reassuring arms. No matter what others say it is important that you know that YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME!!! Not under any circumstance are you the one to blame. I say this to you to help you remember when the road is dark and scary that you will see light again. You will find happiness. You will learn to love and trust again, to see the beauty in the world around you. You are a fighter and you will take your power back from those that tried to steal it. I say all of this to you, because I have walked this path before you. I KNOW it can be done. In time you will heal. Take comfort from those that are supporting, rooting for and cheering you on. If someone tries to make you take the blame…..tell them that you won’t because you are not the criminal…..YOU ARE THE SURVIVOR and you will thrive.

  3. Beautiful and so necessary (unfortunately). Wonderful that real men are standing up and showing that THIS is not a representation of them.

  4. Victoria Sanders

    Thank you, Nick. A powerful love letter to an innocent. I hope this child receives the care and support she will now need for years if not decades to come.

  5. I will keep this letter to read to my young men, myself, and all those who help to raise them, over and over, so that all little girls and little boys will learn and love and grow from this horrendous undoing of one little girl.

    thank you Nick for writing from your heart. For writing your heart.

    • Thank you for pointing out to print this for your boys. I will do the same for my boy as it is important for any generation. It will be years before I can share it with him (He is 20mo), but the words are true now as they will be in the future.

  6. WOW! That was sooo very nicely written. Love it. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today.

  7. Oh, sweet girl… I hope that someday soon you find the love and support you deserve. I hope that someday in the distance you find a strong, honorable partner to stand by your side. I hope that in between then and now, those who hurt you are dealt justice and that you find healing and peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  8. That was powerfully beautiful. I hope she gets a chance to read it because I doubt that she has anyone saying these things to her. It breaks my heart.

  9. Jennifer Tischer

    What a sad, terrible thing to have happened. My heart is broken for this little girl! Thank you for writing this letter. My thoughts are prayers go out for this young girl. May God bless you.

  10. Beautifully written and compassionate in every respect. Your discussion of how the devastating effects of racism have contributed to many young men losing their sense of responsibility and morality is extremely thoughtful and thought-provoking. At the same time, your focus on the fact that this is not inevitable — that there are many boys growing into honorable, decent men — is so powerful. I am so grateful that you wrote this. I wish everyone could read it.

  11. tears come to my eyes! I am so glad Nick took the time to write this beautiful-powerful piece. God bless.

    i would like to add:

    Oh, little girl I hope these words reach you and comfort you.

    You must know and believe that there are good people out there. That you will grow beautiful and strong and fight against such brutality. That you will find the one person who will give you unconditional love, who will never let you down or let you go. Just believe in it, because hope makes everything possible. The notion of audacity of hope is true! Believe in life.

    A big big hug!

  12. Dear little girl,
    I want you to know, and believe me when I say this, because I am a Soldier, a Soldier that does not lie. I serve to protect and serve my country and it’s people and I wish there were something that I could have done to protect you.
    What I want you to know and to believe is that you have done NOTHING wrong. Nothing that happened to you is your fault, NOTHING.
    I don’t know you , but I believe that you are a good and sweet child because you are one of God’s children. It may seem like you are alone, but you are not, there are so many people who are surrounding you with their prayers, so many people who love you. Remember little Angel, you are precious, you are loved, and you are never alone. Please, don’t let what has happened to you break your beautiful spirit, I know your heart is broken, and I pray that someday soon, it begins to heal and that you are able to hold your head up high and be a confident, proud, strong little girl. Little girl, remember and keep telling yourself that YOU have done NOTHING WRONG, it is NOT YOUR FAULT.

    • Thanks GI Jane…For your service, for your protection, and for reminding not only this precious little baby girl that it was NOT her fault at all. Prayers to everyone involved. As a mother, as a nurse, as a Texan, I’m ashamed of what happened. I vow to work harder to protect the innocent. Thanks again Jane for being one of our “Great Defenders!”


  13. what an outstanding letter – my heart goes out to that girl involved in this – and all victims of such a horrid crime

  14. I have such hope for you. I hope that you get everything you need out of this life. You will lead a beautiful, wonderful life. I have hope that justice will prevail in your name. There will be light at the end of this, and you will find warmth and love and comfort. You are so unbelievably strong! Please hold onto that strength and have faith that people, as a whole, will not fail you! Much love to you, little one!

  15. Most people are kind and good, but those who are not take the joy away. Try to hold on to all of us who support you and love you, and stick your tongue out at all those others.

  16. Nick- I am personally giving you a standing ovation!!! I am the woman in the middle of the crowd, with tears streaming down her face, and intently listening to your words with all my senses. My tears are not just because I am sad(because of situations like this) but because the sense of pride that is welling up inside because of Men like YOU! When a man can reach every fiber of a woman’s being without physically touching her that is a “Real Man”. I believe this not only touched the young lady, you were reaching out to but to every woman longing for the missing Black Man. The Love, Tenderness, Sincerity, and Compassion in your letter is not only uplifting and inspiring but it is a gift to be able to share with other people (as you did). It is a kind of Love that God has wanted us to share with our neighbors for years. I am applauding you in this moment for doing So!! And I LOVE you for it.

  17. What a touching letter. God Bless this man!

  18. First – Thank you Nick, for such a beautiful letter. I hope that your words help heal the pain and suffering that this little angel is enduring.

    To the young lady that was just forced to grow up in the blink of an eye, please read Nick’s words and the words of all the people before me. They are singing the song of your name…cheering you on…raising you up. You are the one and only you. You are destined for greatness, you may not know it yet, you may not feel it yet – but you are.

    My hope for you is that you don’t lose yourself in this ugliness, that you look in the mirror and see the beautiful person that you are. You matter, and you will change the world. Open your heart to all of the love surrounding you – it will lift you up during difficult times.

    May your heart and mind find peace,

  19. What a beautiful letter to that poor little girl. I love that there are still good people on this earth. We need more of that.

  20. Nick – what a beautiful letter written with some much love and feeling. I pray for this girl that she will find peace within her self and courage to face her journey ahead.

  21. Nick – I was crying by the time I got to the end of your letter – It was SO beautiful.

    Little Girl – Please know that you did nothing wrong. You survived because you are strong. Now let the world see the beauty inside you.

  22. You are beautify and strong with a bright future ahead. No matter what you tell yourself throughout your life after this please remember you are stronger than every single person who did you harm. You are the one who will rise above the memories and grow to be stronger. I know without a question of doubt that you are now and will continue to be a light in the life of everyone you encounter. When memories weigh on your mind and hard time comes your way, please never forget… YOU ARE STRONG and YOU can rise above, and YOU will push on with your life. You have support of everyone in your life, but also, I believe you will be a rock for them when they have hard times as well. Your life will help others in their time of need, and will always be loved.

    Even though you do not need them because I have faith in you and your ability to rise above all challenges… I will still keep you in my prayers and always remember your story. And hopefully I will some day be able to spread the kindness that you might not even realize that you have spread.

  23. I went from one extreme (horror) to another (hope); the horror of what happened to that beautiful, innocent child and how she is being treated by the media and perhaps even some members of her own community, to hope for some sort of healing for her and an understanding of what caused this tragedy to happen. Nick, thank you for this important message, not just to the child, but to all of us.

  24. Nick – what a beautiful letter – your statements/sentiments apply for all men – black or white !!!!! Thank you!

  25. Hello,
    I am a survivor…a male survivor. I survived exploitation and rape at the hands of a man and a women. But I survived, I lived and you will find that you are beautiful…it may take a while but it will happen…because it is the truth. J

  26. Thank you, thank you, thank you..this letter needs to be read over and over again to all the little girls that find themselves missing strong men in their lives and to all the little boys that need to understand what makes a man strong ..thank you for sending out this gift to the world, my prayer is that it becomes part of that child’s healing…

  27. God bless you and keep you- this was perhaps one of the most profound notes I’ve had the priviledge to read.

  28. That was so very beautiful! I too pray that this young woman will be able to find a man who is a real man who loves and protects her and wants only good things for her! It saddens me greatly to know that her childhood has been tarnished by these horrible attacks, both mental and physical. Hopefully she will be able to progress into womanhood and move past all of this ugliness.

  29. I wish I had the words to describe how beautiful your words are. If only all children (boys and girls) had parents as invested and thoughtful as you, our children would grow up with a healthy sense of self and the world would be a much better place.

  30. Perfect. Beautiful. Thank you. I’m posting this on our Facebook page for all South Carolina’s survivors and advocates to see.

    Veronica Swain Kunz
    South Carolina Victim Assistance Network

  31. Dear girl,

    You are special, you are worthy, you are more than the things that happen to you. Please know that there are people around the world that want to see you succeed in life!

    Peace, darling.

  32. Nick, I just want to say God Bless You Andalusia pray that God will heal the hearts of that poor little girl and her family.

  33. This special little girl needs to keep this wonderful letter and read it often. I was a victim of rape by a family member when I was 7 years old. It saddens me that she will carry this with her always, just as I have done. What is wrong with the women who say she asked for it? No one ever ever asks for it. God will always be there for her as he was for me.

  34. Wonderful words that a young woman of every color and nationality should read and soak up into their bones. Bravo!

    • Sweet baby girl,

      You may not recognize me as we pass each other on the street. I am older than you by 34 years. My skin, my eyes, my hair… they look different than yours. But believe me when I tell you this, I am your mother. I am also your grandmother, your aunt, your cousin, your friend, your kindred spirit… I am your sister-survivor. My wounds have healed to scar tissue… smooth and shiny in the sun. My years of tears have long since dried for my own suffering and betrayal and yet they lay ever near the surface of my heart when I hear/read of tales such as yours. I want to wrap you up and carry you away. Take you to a place where you can view yourself through the eyes of those who love you and who recognize your worth. Do not believe the angry words of the people who would defend those who hurt you. Reach inside, deep down inside. There you are… clear and beautiful and worthy of love and gentleness… kindness and protection… Do not let yourself be bent by their words of hatred. Seek instead to reach for a future of much love and laughter. There may be dark days in front of you, look each day to find beauty. It may be something as simple as the flower that blooms by the sidewalk, it may be the song of the bird outside your window. The Universe is there wanting to surround you with protection and light. Let it fill you when all else would try to drain you. Do not be afraid to ask for, to reach out for the help of those who want to help you. Do not feel you are alone. You have sister- and brother-survivors everywhere. They love you. I love you. I am here… for you, with you, always.

  35. Sweet little girl,

    I am not your sister by the color of my skin, but I am your sister in survival. I was your age when my 3 year ordeal finally ended, and I can tell you, it’s a rough road, but you CAN make it! You are so blessed to have so much support out there, and those shouts of encouragement will drown out the whispers of hate. The world is a beautiful place, darling child, and strength like yours makes it so.

    And for Nick….honorable man, your words don’t only apply to the young black man, they apply to ALL men, regardless of their color. It’s sad to say that honorable, good and decent men are few and far between, the remnants of a bygone era. With more like you, and more mothers that take the time as well, we can resurrect that era, and build a world that our children’s children can enjoy without fear.

    God Bless

  36. Nick….”Thank You” for embracing our young sister. You are truly a real Black man! There are many of you out there, but sometimes our young ones stray from our nest. We cannot give up, but most continue to encourage them. As a Black female I am appalled by the mothers that are striking out at this young child! They should weep for her!

  37. edujustice2005 aka Benton

    Words cannot express how I felt when I saw the news that night, but I want you to know that there are some real nice Black Boys out there. I have a granddaughter who will be 11 March 24, 2011, and she asked me if I had heard about you and could I get your address so she sould write and and send you pics of her and her dog. I told her I would try to get it and I wish I could! But, know that there are a lots of people you don’t know, are pulling for you and I am one of them. But it might be hard now but God is still in the business of doing the impossible! The ones that hurt you, where they are going, they will get theirs! But, I want you to trust God, He is able and He is always with you. But also build yourself with true friends who will aways be there for you. As for those who wants to talk about you, turn it over to God, He will take care of them. I want you to walk with your head up, because there is nothing you did and nothing to keep you from walking with you head up. Remember, I love you and God loves you too!

  38. Hello Little Love.
    I hope that you keep a positive lite in your heart, as God will heal your wounds as well as your soul. Keep your head up and all will be great in time. I know right now that you are hurting and I hurt along with you to know that you as a child of God has endiured somethig so horrific.
    My heart goes out to you and your family.
    The boys/men that did this to you will not be any good for anyone as time progresses. You will prevail and the Lord is on your side.
    So I say to you Keep God close as he will see that you will heal and be saved .

  39. Thank you so much for this post. I will share it with my readers.

  40. The story of this angel brought me to tears when i first read about it. This letter has the same effect on me. What beautiful words, so simply put for such an innocent angel. Thank you, NIck, for helping her understand there are good people in this world, even in times of sorrow.

    As a mother who was raised around racial diversity and accept (biracial family and proud), I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only making these eloquent points to this innocent princess, but also to those who have not spoken out but may have been abused or otherwise mistreated.

    STANDING OVATION to you sir, for so beautifully wording what so many wish to say to this little girl, and every little girl out there who will be touched by your words. Bravo.

  41. Dear Little Girl,

    Trust what this man says. A true black man will never hurt you. I’m a white woman with a wonderful black man who admires me, builds me up, never tears me down, would give his life for me. Any REAL man would do the same.

  42. Beautiful girl. You have survived possibly the worst thing that can happen to any female. Whether you are 11 or 77 your very survival has shown you how very strong you are. You need to continue to use your strenth to get throught the next hour, day, week, month ,year, year ,year… You can do it. Your strength will carry you. God will carry you. Stay strong and know tha people from everywhere are with you, praying for you and carrying you. We love you.

  43. I pray, little one, that someday you will rise above & prevail over this tragedy that you are NOT responsible for.

    Surround yourself with those that love you, from near & far, & bask in their prayers & thoughts for your well being.

    You are loved.


  44. To the girl who was violated and to all girls of races and ages:

    Nick’s words are powerful medicine and they apply to men of every color and creed. I understand that you were attacked by black men, but do not hold a grudge against black men or any other color of men. The “men” who attacked you are not men, they are animals who deserve to be locked up in cages like uncontrollable animals for the rest of their natural lives.

    I have 3 granddaughters who are 5, 13 and 16. I am saving Nick’s letter to you for them to read and absorb. Real men of any color cherish the women in their lives, and would give up their lives to protect them.

    As you grow older and heal from your traumatic experience, you will run into the same type of man (animal). When you do, run away as fast as your feet can carry you. You will meet a man who believes with his heart and soul that the world revolves around you and your happiness. That man will be able to show you with his actions that you are the most important person in his life and will love you unconditionally forever.

    Remember that while words are nice to hear, actions speak louder than words and can reach deeper into your soul. You will survive this horrible experience and become a much stronger woman because of it. Nonetheless, my prayers are with you as you start the healing process as it will take time.

  45. As young as you are you know right from wrong. Dont dispare and feel hate for those who are blind to it. They live their entire lives in darkness. Choose truth and light.

  46. Nick, What a wonderful, compassionate man you are.I wish I could see you on the news instead of the Jessie Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world who are always defending men who do horrendous things in csociety. All they ever do is make excuses for everyone and bring up the stupid race card for everything. They are irresponsible when they do this and the results are that no one takes responsibility for their own behavior. This child did nothing wrong and the boys did everything wrong. Lets teach them to take responsibility and stop makeing excuses. This goes for every person, regardless of color because it happens in every race. Congratulations Nick for bringing this letter forward. May everyone learn from it.

  47. To a Dear Sweet Child
    You have been injured, both in your body and worse, in your spirit. Others may tell you to try and forget. I can tell you that you will never forget. Don’t try. I say to you, dear child, that you will remember their voices and every detail about that horrible day. It’s ok. Because as you remember, also remember that you survived the horror that was done to you. They are terrible, evil people. Even those that say, in their bizarre conclusions, that you somehow brought this onto yourself. Of course, you did not! Those people are just as guilty as the perpetrators of the crime itself. You are a good and sweet child. Only surround yourself with those people who hold you gently, carefully, lovingly. Because, even though the thousands of people who care about your welfare are close and far away… we love you. We care about you. We hold you in our thoughts and prayers. You are our child. And we love you.

    To Nick:
    You are an angel on earth and the world is a brighter, better place because of you. I’m blessed that I was born at a time to share this life with your presence.

  48. My heart is so sad by the people who say this could be the fault of an 11 year old girl. it is terrible, like we are back in the 50’s. Thank you for this beautiful essay, it brought a tear to my eye, and know baby girl, that you are pure, and good and lovely, and no one can EVER take that away from you. My prayers are with you.

  49. Little sweet girl:)

    I just want a give u a hug and tell you that u have all my support and that I am really proud of you being there somewhere living your life and doing your best everyday… time will give you justice… God never forgets about his angels and you are one of them … this case may help some other girls to overcome their problems and see you as an example of love and pride!!!

    May god bless you
    Dios te bendiga corazoncito 🙂

  50. I have been outraged at the treatment you have received. You are and will be in my prayers for a long time. I hope some day you will sit down and read these letters, notes, and blogs, and understand that there are many people of different races who are pulling for you. I pray that God will help us all to help each other. EVERYONE deserves to receive respect as he or she gives respect and anyone who DISrespects deserves to be STOPPED. I hope Nick’s post will be a wakeup call to mothers and fathers everywhere. If your son or daughter does not respect the rights and dignity of all others shame on YOU for not teaching. Let’s ALL strive to be better people! Help us, oh Lord!

  51. I’m not sure if this is where we’re supposed to write our thoughts and love to that sweet baby girl but here it is.

    I am not a mother, or a father. I am not a rape victim. I am a sister, a daughter, a best friend, a cousin, a granddaughter. I am a woman. I am a woman who did not grow up without heart break, or despair and sadness. I didn’t grow up without pain, or with all my innocence intact. But I did grow up. I was hurt and bruised and battered, mentally and physically at times. But I lived. You WILL get through this babygirl. And you will be stronger, and more beautiful and braver and smarter than you ever imagined you could be.

    There are 18 men in the world that we know don’t love you, and who probably do not love themselves either. But from those 18 men, there are thousands, hundreds of thousands of people who are praying for you. Hundreds of thousands of people who do love you, that don’t even know you. Your pain is not yours alone to bear. We all bear it with you, gladly. You are lifted up in our thoughts, our prayers and our songs.

    Life is hard, and at times it seems completely unbearable. But for every struggled breath you take, there are a million more that are breathing strong for you. For every prayer you whisper, there are a million more shouting them for you. We don’t know you. We can’t begin to imagine your pain. But we are brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons. We are you and you are us. And we love you.

  52. Nick,
    Thanks for the great message you sent to “Baby Girl”. I am white, but I do know some very real black men . Sure hope your message helps the child and, also, others. It really touched my heart. “Baby Girl” hold your head high, and know that I am pray for you.

  53. Thank you so much Nick, for the incrediable letter you have written. The words that your created seem to be written by Our Lord. Also, to every comment I read, and to the individduals that created the words.They are the most beautiful thoughts I have ever read on the Internet. Every thought that was created, by such very special people, represent what our world could be. Peaceful!!Thank you, everyone, for putting your thoughts into words that everyone should love and share!!


  54. No human being should be subject the aftermath of this viscous attack. This child and her family should be loved and protected by their community. Where are the activists now, when they are needed? Prayers being sent your way.

  55. I am sorry for the mis-spellings on my note. It is the thought that counts. Bob

  56. This letter is a beautiful expression of masculine love and responsibility, and I thank you for sharing your inner thoughts with us. I wish her, and her community, healing and peace.

    • Thank you for sharing this letter and Nick thank you for writing it.

      Little girl you are worth loving and protecting – always.

  57. I wish there were more Men like Nick describes in the world in general. I loved this letter!

  58. This is a beautiful and powerful letter. ALL men should be like this.

  59. Baby girl, before this happened what was your dream? What made you smile in the morning? What made you laugh at night? What was your favorite color? What flower looked the happiest out in the meadow? Did you like to skip? Dance? Who was your favorite singer?

    Baby girl, the other day was a horrible day. We can’t take that away from you even with our deepest combined prayers. I will never understand how that could happen to you. Why? Or, who could do such a thing. But, I’m afraid that that moment in time may define you. And, you are so much more.

    Baby girl, you have dreams. You can smile. You will laugh, again. Hopefully sometime soon. But don’t anyone take your favorite song from your heart, or your favorite dance from your soul. They can never do that. You are so many more moments and you have so many more to live. Please Baby Girl, how can we take you by the hand, stand by your side, and walk along side you, safely down the path you should so innocently skip, sing, and dance through? Just know we are. Only you, Baby Girl, can define who you are. I have no doubt it is someone great.

    Baby Girl, Nick was right, there are so many good people out there. I hope you can find a place

  60. How something so horrible can happen to a little girl and get even worse is beyond understanding.My heart hearts for her,May the rainbow[Gods Promise}come to her soon and give her relief.It should never hurt to be a child,but sometimes it does,when it does there should be comfort,I am so sorry for your pain,and pray for you nightly.
    Sweet Baby Girl:You are being lifted up in prayer by so many right now that Gods Grace will be yours and life will be better for you.There will be reckoning and justice will prevail in the end.There will be light,love & laughter in your life as well as your spirit.Please put your shoulders back your head up and your mind on God and Gods Grace,till this passes and it will;}

  61. We need lots more men and women like Nick to step forward and support victims, instead of blaming them. This letter couldn’t have been written better. Thank you, Nick.

  62. Nick,

    You make me proud. Your words describe a real man of any race and they are words all young men need to hear. Thank you.

  63. This should describe any REAL MAN

  64. I wish all boy’s/men were as you stated. We need alot more like that. Your words really touch me and I hope more read and take it to heart. Thanks for your touching words.

  65. Thank you kind Sir for saying and giving your all to this young lady. She needs all of our prayers and understanding against the ones that have done wrong verbally as well as physically. “Baby Girl” listen to this kind man, don’t let this world get you down. We are behind you, infront of you and holding you with our prayers!

  66. Heartbreaking and beautiful letter. I hope someday, somewhere this child can look to this letter and see the love and kindness in the world and know that there is reason to hope and love and trust again.

  67. Tears. Love and compassion wrap you in safety, baby girl and all who suffer.

  68. Very moving letter. I hope this little girl sees it and knows how much he means it and how much it really is true

  69. May God grant this young girl peace, love and serenity in the days to come. A victim should never be made to feel that they caused the harm. I hope that the message that Nick has so eloquently penned has its intended result. I pray that all MEN come to the understanding that we are responsible regardless of race, religion, ancestry, etc. A good MAN is the same no matter what their skin color, faith or part of the world their ancestors are from.

  70. Dear baby girl,
    I want you to know that you are loved immeasurably. I am so sorry that you have had to experience the uglier side of our earth. A beautiful child as yourself should only know love, sunshine, fairies and all the gifts that are yours for the taking. Be sure that there will still be some dark days for you, but you will heal. You will laugh again and find good things. it will take time, but you are so strong already that it will happen. Know that you are in our prayers and that you are loved as the true gift that you are.

  71. This letter brought tears of a different sort than the story of the young girl itself did. I can only hope this man’s words one day find a place in this child’s heart.

    • Something i forgot to add… for the young lady. If you do read Nick’s letter on this page, and if you do read these comments… I want to say to you that while we are all products of our past, we do not have to be prisoners to it.

      This is a moment in time that doesn’t make much sense to you right now, and for many years you will not even really understand the depth of what you have endured. But, it will become something in your later years that will bring itself in some way or another to the forefront of your conscious daily life.

      When that day comes – seek out a good counselor, rely upon your friends and loved ones, read books about others who have survived unspeakable trauma and found their paths forward; for you, too, will find that you are a survivor and that there is a path for you. You do not have to remain frozen in this time.

      This was not your fault – no matter what anyone says. Those men made individual choices – shockingly depraved choices – and you may feel that you also bear responsibility or chose poorly but you are not responsible for what those men chose to do, and you did not choose for them to do it.

      You are good. You are loved. You are not alone. Live a healthy, happy, and joyful life – content with who you are and with the perfect knowledge that who you are is always the sum total of all you have experienced… and that who you are is someone worthwhile.

  72. Heartwrenching–as a parent of one young woman and two teenaged boys, I can only imagine the horror that the parents of the 11 year old CHILD feel. Your letter speaks volumes, and is a testament to how all young men should be raised and how all women should expect to be treated (and act in return–love is reciprocal). Very well said and very moving.

  73. I sent an excerpt of this to my daughter because this was the perfect description of her diseased father. It also is the way her older brother is now, because we raised our children to be responsible adults, not to be children for the rest of their lives. Thank you, Nick for your sensitivity and kindness.

  74. Such sweet words. thank you.

  75. Dear little girl,

    Read this letter, then read it over and over again until you believe it. Read it daily if you must. Read it when you’re sad and down and depressed. Read it when you’re happy and full of hope and joy, because you will most certainly have those days as well. Read this letter and remember how much a random stranger cared for you and about you, to the point that he wanted to share with you how much you deserve to have love. The light will always wash the darkness away. My hope and prayer for you is that you can see the joy and beauty in life and that you will love yourself, forever.
    Another person in the world who is rooting for you.

  76. I was amazed by Nick’s letter. I cried for the childhood lost of the small child, forced to grow up too soon, and for the gentle, caring words he is sending her way. I had never thought about WHY young black men are allowed to do the things that they do, but, like Nick, it is not helping the young men themselves, their victims, or the black community as a whole. My thanks to Nick for the kind words to little girl lost, and my prayers go out to her and her family.

  77. My throat hurts from trying to hold back the tears. Maybe it’s best I just let them fall. How many tears has this young girl shed in her short life time I wonder? Sweetie, if you by chance are reading this, I wanted to say I’m sorry for what you just went through. Please know you are loved and many people are praying for you to recover and have a great long life. Don’t let this horrible act define the rest of your life. That would be even worse than the crime itself. You’ve got a wonderful life to live so live it with joy and happiness. I hope for justice, but justice to me is more than your attackers going to jail. I hope they really KNOW, I hope they really FEEL every single day the true depravity of what they have committed upon you. I hope they realize truly what they’ve done and take responsibility so that they will never, ever, ever do something so hideous to another little human being again. While I don’t feel a bit sorry for these attackers, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes once they truly grasp what it is they’ve done to an innocent girl. I can’t imagine how they would want to live in the same way with knowing what they have done. My hope is that this profoundly changes THEM. Please live a wonderful, productive life for the benefit of yourself and the people around you. You are a blessing to all of us! Sending you a big hug right now!!! -Karissa

  78. A real man has steped forward with a real message for a youngwoman I am quite sure will turn into a great woman, a powerful woman someday who has survived a trsgedy.
    To you soulless woman that blame this young woman for this atrocity ” What Demons Visit YOU” when you call yourself at piece with the world ?

  79. I have three beautiful children, and this is my fear. Fear my daughter, or my sons have to ever see this reality as this little girl has. Fear my sons will disrespect a girl/lady/woman. Nick, I want to thank you for this letter. I know you wrote it to show this little baby what a real BLACK man is, but I will show it as a blueprint for my baby boys as to what a real MAN is. For the baby girl in Texas, you will not forget this horror, but it will not define you. You are important, you matter. You matter to me!

  80. The characteristics that Nick lists of a real black man are the characteristics of a real man, period. Thank you, NIck, for writing this. I hope this child can become whole and happy and find healing. I also hope the boys who abused her can somehow change and become whole, as well. Nobody starts out angry and sad. They were all happy and beautiful babies and children once.

  81. Oh precious little girl, how precious your life is. Obviously to many who don’t even know you. Put your faith in God and He will bring you through it all.

    Thank God for this amazing man who took the time to show you what a real man is like. What a loving soul he has been blessed with.

  82. Mr. Chiles,

    Remove “black” from your letter and is a light in the darkness for ALL young girls and wisdom for ALL young men. Should this be heeded, this community, this country, this world would be a much better place. God himself would be proud of what we become.

  83. Nick, while I do not know if you will ever realize the beauty of your words I hope that the feeling of gratitude I feel towards you is felt, where ever you are. There are victims, like myself, out there who could stand to hear these words and know that there are good men out there who will love them and care about them no matter what. My heart was moved when I read your letter, and though I am still on my own journey of recovery I want you to know that this letter helped me realize that life is still beautiful.

  84. Baby girl, the world is yours. You will rise above this. We may not know you and never will, but you have many many people praying for you and rooting for you. You keep this letter in a safe place and know that you are a child of thw world and that you are loved just because you are you!

  85. You are a survivor, listen to this man and realize that there are good men in this world. Not all of them are evil. You can get beyond this, you are strong and you can be a person who prevails . You do not have to lower yourself to them, let them know that you are strong!

  86. Thank you Nick!!! While you spoke peace to this baby over in Texas, you also spoke peace to this lil’ 43 year ol girl ovah heah in N’awlins! For every human who has been striken with the cancer of sexual abuse, and still gets out of the bed, puts one foot in front of the other, and dares to live another day…we thank you!!!

  87. I am so grateful for a real black man like Nick who is willing to expose the problem with the animals. Baby girl you are not to blame in any way shape or form. Jesus loves the little children and you my dear are the sweetest of the little children.

  88. What an amazingly beautiful letter! It breaks my heart that is was NECESSARY to be written, but thank God for your caring heart, Nick. That little girl NEEDS to hear and believe every one of those words, deep down in her soul. She must know that it is NOT her fault that these pigs did this to her, that she is NOT to blame for their actions. I hope and pray this baby girl gets the love, support and help that she will need throughout her life. She deserves it as a human being, and she’s going to need it to make her whole again.

    As a mother of two grown sons, I want them to read this letter and to memorize each point made as to how a REAL man treats a woman. They struck a cord in me and I wish I would’ve had had something like this to reference when I was younger…not that anything like this happened to me, thank God. But to just know in my heart how a man is SUPPOSED to be, how I was SUPPOSED to be treated. I know them now and I hold them true to my heart. God bless you, Nick. You have renewed a lot of people’s faith in humanity.

  89. cordell aka "Pops"

    This is a magnificent letter and my heart and soul go out the this innocent young victim. Nick wrote with every fiber of his being to give her his strength and to alleviate her fears, present and future. I was raised to respect everyone. I do believe in protecting my women with every bit of my very being. I too have a daughter, sister, in law, granddaughters, etc. they will be respected and protected.
    Young lady (Baby Girl) hold your head high, fear no one and be ashamed of nothing, for you have done nothing wrong.

  90. Sweet little angel,

    The words written by Nick are truly beautiful and uplifting. I hope that for everyone who has read it will take the time to respond in a positive way to you. The journey that lay before you will not be an easy one. But I also know that in numbers there is strength. We are all here offering up our prayers and words of hope to you. Why you might ask? The answer is simple, because in this world there are people who live with love in their hearts. We are some of those people. We pray for the Lord to give you courage to face what is happened, the guidance to move forward and the strength to become an amazing young woman who one day will have this great purpose. Be not afraid my child. We are there beside you.

  91. Sweet princess- you are loved and cherished by many. We are encircling you from around the world. A real man will be exactly what Mr. Chiles has so beautifully explained- no matter his color- it is the heart and soul that matters. May you find peace and comfort- solitude and strength, and courage in life to live it with joy. You deserve so much. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  92. Dear Sweet Child,

    I am so sorry that you had to endure that horrible experience and its lasting effects. I praise God that you are alive, because, although the road to recovery may be long, one day you will wake up and realize that you are not a victim. You are a survivor, and I believe that you will use this tragedy to help others one day. What Satan meant to destroy, you will use to glorify God.

    I am praying that his holy spirit wraps His arms so tight around you that it muffles the sounds of this cruel world. That His peace envelops and comforts you, and that He strengthens you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    There are ugly people in this world, but there are good ones, too, and we love you. You are valuable beyond measure. Please remind yourself this whenever you start to doubt.

    I wish that I could hug you and hold you in my arms. I wish I could take away all of your pain and fight your battles for you. I can’t, but God can, and He will do a better job anyway.

    I will pray for you often.


  93. I read this letter and it brought tears to my eyes. So many of us reading this has been there. You have survived a horrendous thing. Know the one word, you SURVIVED. Tune out the hateful things said to you. IN NO WAY WAS IT YOUR FAULT. YOU DID NOTHING WRONG. Someday you will see that and believe that. When you feel yourself faulter, turn to someone who can give you strength, love, and assurance. Not all men are like that. Many of us had to learn that. Many of us have walked a long hard painful road, and today, we have found love, friendship, ourselves, and our smiles. What Nick wrote was so beautiful and so true. Believe in who you are. Believe that God is with you. May you find joy, comfort and love.

  94. Sweet, Sweet girl. I do not have the words to apologize for what you have gone through. I can not imagine, not even for a minute, the pain you are suffering through. Please, know though, that I will keep you in my prayers forever. I will pray that God grants you peace and love, strength and courage, and forgiveness and understanding. I pray that he grants you with all of these quickly.
    I will also pray for you mom and all other caregivers, that God gives grants them strength and courage to stand by your side through your journey of healing as well as for peace and forgiveness for themselves.

    God’s love and speed to you!

    P.S. Nick, your letter is the most beautiful and empowering letter. Through this horrific unjutisce, you are proof that God does exist.

  95. Eloquently written, Mr. Chiles.

    Baby Girl, stay strong and please don’t lose faith that there is still beauty and kindness out there in this crazy and sometimes brutal world of ours.

  96. My dear precious darling,

    My soul hugs you from afar, I wished I could take the pain I know you have right now. I had my Nick when this happened to me, he said almost the same exact thing to my nine year old self. I want you to know more than anything sweet girl, this is their fault, their shame and all their blame. My prayers are for you, for you to heal.

  97. Dear Sweet little girl,

    All that happened to you does NOT define you. You will grow up to be a strong beautiful woman that is loved and respected. Hold your head up high every day, even when you just want to cry, repeat these words to your self: “That which doesn’t break me, only makes me stronger.” Find an adult, a religious leader, a counselor in school, someone that is trustful and keep an open dialogue. Talk to them when you feel weak. And draw strength from those of us that lift you up and chreish you as a little girl and as a beautiful gift from God.

    Dallas, TX

  98. My dear child, I also suffered sexual abuse when I was young. Here’s what I learned: It was not our fault. We are not alone. With help, pain and horror can be turned around and we can become strong and compassionate. Keep talking to people you trust, until you find people who can really listen and give you the help and support you deserve. Many people you don’t even know are thinking of you and praying for you right now. You will find a feeling of safety again. You will find kindness in the world and self respect within yourself. God does not hate you. What happened to you is not a punishment. I hope you can read the words of your friend Nick over and over again-it is all true. You will be in my heart for the rest of my life. Know that you are cherished and loved.

  99. My precious … You are a beautiful Child of God … and no one, no one deserves to be treated the way you have. My dear, hold your head high and don’t let these so-called “men” take one more thing from you, don’t give them that power. Hold strong to your family, your faith and return to your childhood. You deserve this. I am the mother of twin 11 year old girls and my heart feels for you as if you were my own. You will be in my prayers. Sweet dreams, child, sweet dreams.

  100. Dear Sweet Baby Girl,

    May the God of Light, Love and all that is good bless your sweet soul and heal your body. May He send your spirit angels to you right now to minister and cleanse your spirit. May He sooth your tears as you cleanse your memory of all the terrible things that were done to you. You have survived the very pits of hell. You have been reviled and horribly used. You are surrounded now with pure love and well wishes from Godly parent figures all over this country. The true body of Christ joins now in prayer as we all touch and agree to the continued recovery both mind and body of you, our sweet child. We all Bless and Place you in the light of God’s unchanging love. In the name of Jesus, the Christ. Amen.

  101. I can attest that these black princes are there. They exist in large numbers that are growing year by year. I know many of them and have worked along side them all my life. They are fathers whom I have taken advice from. They are friends who have lightened my day. They are proud men who raise righteous children alongside strong women whom they bond with for as long as they both live. Seek them out. Settle for nothing less. You DO deserve one of these men. God bless you in the years ahead.

  102. You Sir, are a true human being! Thank you.

  103. how poignant and powerful these words are to the soul of this child from a black man that is simply that – a man who cares and i pray that these words reach this child, reach her heart, reach her soul. living and walking thorugh the inner pain of my own history of molestation, these words are comfort and strength in so many wasys to all with the same history but more so to someone as young and still innocently fragile to the horror of sexual abuse.
    if at all possible, dear writer, please send a copy of your heart-felt words to this childs’ family for her reading and comfort.
    thank you for who you are, what you have said and what you exemplify – a black man – at such a needed time.

  104. My darling baby girl, this is your Mama Dana telling you, you will survive. I am a victor. There are victims and victors. You are a victorious, overcoming precious baby-girl. You will be because you will grab hold to the words and prayers of love surrounding you. I have a daughter and two sons. Because of the things we have endured as girls & women, I have vowed and encouraged my mother-sisters to raise our young men to be better than the men we have encountered. Wrap your arms around you and feel our love coming to you. Say the words to yourself. I am loved, lovable and loving. It will heal if you take hold to the hands reaching out to you and consider the source ot the words from those who berate you. There was nothing you could and can ever do to bring this upon you. Receive the words of Bro. Nick. For he is preparing you for the men or men who will come to restore.
    To Brother Nick, thank you.
    Much love to all,
    Mama Dana

  105. Oh little one, be strong… your world has been invaded by monsters and none of this was your fault! You remember Nick’s words…you are a princess…

    …if this horrible despicable thing had happened to my daughter, I would want her to know….it was NOT her fault! She did not cause this…
    she did not provoke this! I would let her know that it is okay to be sad and okay to be mad! She was robbed of something precious…and it will take a long time to feel all better…I would tell her it would okay to be angry at the monsters…really angry!! I would tell her that every time she was sad or angry to tell me– to tell all of our family, tell the whole wide world!!! I would tell her not to ever feel ashamed….that it should be THE monsters who should be very ashamed!!!! I would tell her that if she does not want it keep it a secret, we would not keep it as one! I would tell her, that I love her so much and that I am so very very sorry that it happened to her and that if I could take the pain from her by going through it instead I surely would. I would hold her close and look into her precious little eyes and pour every bit of my love from my heart into hers. And I would make sure with all my being that those monsters went to jail where they could never hurt her again.

    You are not my daughter but we are all witnesses to what happened to you and are all here for you in love and thought and prayer as you recover.

  106. An amazingly beautiful letter. As an abuse survivor, I understand how trust may not be easily given. I believe there is strength through survival. Steel is made stronger after spending time in the fire. Praying for this child, and all the others mistreated by those they would trust.

  107. My thoughts and prayers go out to this little girl and her family. I find it absolutely intolerable that ANY victim of a crime be blamed for that crime. Even in insinuations!

    Honey, you do need to block out the voices that are blaming you. You deserve the very best that life has to offer… My heart breaks for you. There aren’t words to express my anger over the turmoil that you must be experiencing!

    To Nick, thank you for writing that. But let me add, it’s not just the black boys that are acting like that any longer… A lot of boys (and girls) of every race and nationality are acting like idiots and think the world owes them just because they are alive… 🙁

  108. Nick, you are a real man. The kind I wish I could be so blessed to have come into my life. Your letter has inspired me to not settle anymore. I will keep a copy of it with me on my journey through life. And as I pray for this young girl, the one you were so self-less to reach out too, may she find solace in knowing your words are true, valuable, honest and written with a true desire for her to know that she is loved and valued by so many, without ever knowing her.

  109. My dearest little sister:

    I am so, so, so, so sorry that you have had to go through this. Let me tell you, my dear, anyone who tells you it was your fault is WRONG. Those who did this were WRONG. You did NOT deserve it. YOU DID NOTHING WRONG. It was NOT your fault. If anyone, ANYONE tells you differently, run in the opposite direction.

    I pray that you will be surrounded by loving, kind and generous people who help you to heal. I was younger than you when something similar happened to me, and I can tell you that one day, you WILL feel better. Maybe not right away – there’s a lot of hard work between now and then, but you WILL.

    I hope that, when you’re ready, you do meet a prince, just like Mr. Nick, someone who thinks you’re the most perfect person God ever created and cherishes you. But, most of all, darling child, I wish for you the best, quickest and easiest recovery possible. You are in my prayers.



  110. Thank you…This is incredibly beautiful. It is also confirmation beautiful thoughtful men still exist.

  111. Young Lady,
    I am so sorry for the pain and sorrow you and your family are going through right now.I’m sure nothing you’re reading here is going to make it go away, but you need to know that we care about you. I have four daughters and the thought of them going through what you must have felt that terrible day makes me cry. When I first heard of your attack I was so sick to my stomach that I couldnt even move I was trembling with rage at the thought of one day being able to remove these 18 animals from this planet, because they are ANIMALS raised by animals to do such a thing to you. They are not like you or I and they will never understand what they did to you, because animals dont feel remorse for their actions. You need to know that in your very small town it might seem that you’re out numbered right now, but you have millions of PEOPLE waiting to help you and fight for you as if we were right there in your home. These animals picked a fight with the wrong little girl and now it is their time for hurting as you’ve had to do. I only would ask you for one thing please…you are going to be asked to point a finger at each of them and tell a judge what they did to you and we (the millions) can’t do this for you. The hardest day you’ll ever have has already happened in your life and being strong for the judge will one day protect a little girl just like you, because they won’t be able to get to her. You will be a HERO for putting them away where they belong. YOU DID NOTHING TO DERSERVE THIS NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS! I wish I could hug you and hold your hand while we walked through your town with our heads held high, but something tells me the line will be too long filled with real MEN and FATHERS that get there before me 🙂

    Practice pointing that finger in the mirror for me and you o.k?

    I’m Proud of you already!

  112. Wow .. what an amazing powerful must read piece!!! Thank you so much.

  113. Awesome. Thank you, sir.

  114. Mary Gochmansky

    Amen to this letter. The world is full of wonderful men who are raised by women who spend their lifetime teaching them and fathers who love their sons and will invest into their future. I hope this young lady one day finds her prince charming and a world that is full of love that only comes from God.

  115. It is not at all her fault…granted she may have been dressed provocatively, but it in no way means she was asking for this to happen. A real man would never force him self on a woman much less an 11 yr old little girl. Those 18 men should have known better, and i hope they have a long time behind bars to think about the young girls innocence and childhood they destroyed. Thanks to nick for his letter…its also so sad that race seems to be a focus point. Rape is still rape no matter what color the jerks are who commit it


  116. My heart and prayers go out to you, sweet child. May you and your family stay strong and continue to journey down a positive path. God is smiling on you.

    Thank you Nick for your wonderful words of encouragement.

  117. Let’s all take a breath and then exhale…My wish for you, little girl, is to heal. My prayer for you is to heal – and embrace joy. God, our true father, is holding your hand.

  118. AMEN!!! Well said! Thank you for encouraging all little girls and educating them on what true love looks like 🙂 Well done!

  119. This poor little girl is not to blame how dare other women blame her her childhood being robbed from her.
    This letter should mean something to every other woman and young child that have suffer the same fate. I hope that every woman that reads this letter understands what a true man should be no matter what race they are.
    quit making excuses for these low life scum weather they are Black, White, Asian, Hispanic or any other nationality.

  120. Young lady, You are the best example of grace and composure because you survived the worst imaginable of life’s experiences. No one can take your strength from you, you have it still. You may need strength again, but you should never feel like your strength has run out. You have already shown that you have more strength than that entire group of stupid boys put togeter. I am so proud of you. Be kind to yourself always.

  121. Sweet Little Girl,
    You are strong, you are loved, you are believed. This unspeakable thing has happened to you, but you are so much more. Your life will be beautiful. Know that so many are supporting you in this hard time.

  122. I would hope and do pray that Nick is not just describing the black man. For this is how every real man should be.

    Little princess – your life has been difficult, but has not lost its meaning. You are precious – please remember this . . . . always.

  123. (((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) you are loved

  124. For a precious girl,

    You are loved. I pray that you know you are not to blame for the things that were done to you. You have been a victim, but you can heal from this. I pray that God will give you His peace and joy, that you will know His love for you, that you will know the love people around the world have for you.

    With much love, Rebecca

  125. Sweet baby girl. Just hang on to your self. I am 55 years old now, and I started hanging on to myself when I was 5. Never let go of the best part of yourself, no matter what anyone else says. That is God speaking to you, that best part of your self. The pain of being alone will eventually pass, even after many years, so that you can live with it,and you WILL find people who care. Just remember to believe in your very best, even if you do not know why. You must be quite a star in heaven to have to face so much here in this earthly place. There is NOTHING about you that deserved this thing that is happening to you. I could hardly wait to leave home at 18. When I did, I left on the day I turned 18, and my father could never get to me again, ever. I NEVER looked back. Leaving was one of the best things I ever did for myself. I worked 2 and 3 jobs at a time, and stayed in school, till I eventually got a degree as an RN. I worked so hard for so many years. Do you know that there are people out there who love you for who you truly are, who want you to succeed and be happy the way your were meant to be happy, they way you imagine in the deepest most special place in your heart? Those people are out there, and you WILL meet some of them, and they will treat you with care and respect, they way it is supposed to be. Heavenly Father will NEVER let go of you, so don’t you let go of HIM. I wish I could hold you in my arms and never let go of you, so that you could feel the love and the security that you deserve. I hope you get to see this, and the other postings that people write to you, so you know you are not alone. I did not have the internet when I was young, and I spent crazy years trying to find “at one ment” (atonement) when I was working so hard. I wanted to give up so many times, but I kept going. I hope you can spare your self from wasting your beautiful young years trying to get care and respect from people who aren’t able or willing to give it to you. Sweet baby girl, I hope and pray that God will bless you every day of your life with goodness and mercy and abundance and justice and strength and that you will never go a minute without feeling His love and guidance around you always. I love you, baby girl.

  126. I have sent this link to friends who work in Australian Aboriginal communities hoping they will place parts of it in conspicious spaces in the community. There are so many messages in this letter that apply here and to all communities and races. Particularly “We treat them like misbehaving children who dont know any better and, behold, thats what they become.” I hope Nick takes some pride in knowing his message is going out to the whole world.

  127. I am in awe of the beautiful and comforting words you offer to this ‘child’ – she is now older than her years, but I pray – with inspirational words as these, she can grow into the woman she is capable of being. We – as parents and as a society – must hold our children accountable for their actions…because you are a certain race, religion or creed, should not give you ‘permission’ to do what was done to this young girl. My prayers are with you, Sweetheart – I pray God helps heal your wounds. Those who betrayed you should be punished and I pray they grow from their actions.

  128. This is beautiful,inspiring,thoughtful,loving,caring,genuine!! I am a mother,a survivor!! You see,I have been through abuse,sexually,mentally,physically and I know how she feels. I am American Indian. I have a brown baby and am very proud of her. I want her to read this. I want to put it on her wall. I want her to know there is a man,a real man,who is out there,waiting for his princess,waiting to make her his queen!! God bless you!!

  129. Very touching and poignant, especially considering the victim is Hispanic.

  130. MY Dear Child,
    I need you to know that I love you. I need you to know that these things never should have happened to anyone, especially to you. Not just what happened in the trailer, but all that yucky stuff that happened before too. I want you to know that you, you without fancy clothes or makeup, you without attitude or sex appeal, you, my sweet little girl are a rare a precious gift that I mishandled. I let you fall through the cracks. Dear sweet girl you need to know that you can get through this. You need to know that you are not alone. I will be here to help you. I will be here loving you while you learn to love yourself. I will be here to hold you and show you that everything will be alright. Please remember to ask for help, keep asking over and over and over until you get everything you need. You are worth it. I pray that God is holding you and surrounding you with love and protection. I am a Mom in Oregon, but I am telling you this as every mom.

  131. Lacey Woodward

    Sweetheart, your story has captured my heart and will never let it go. No young girl should ever have to go through something so horrendous. You are beautiful and never stop thinking that. My baby boy is 16 months old and I will teach him girls and women are to be treated with respect and honor, not any other way and I would be so very hurt if he were ever to hurt a girl like that. You are strong and wonderful. Believe in your dreams and everything you want to achieve in life, because nothing is impossible. Become the person you have always wanted to be because that is where true pride in yourself comes from. You will someday be able to tell people through your actions that you are a somebody. Until then, continue to love yourself and tell yourself that you are beautiful, wonderful, strong, and most of all, you are a somebody. A somebody that people do care about and want to see happy.

  132. Little Girl Loved, I send you all the healing prayers and well wishes I have. I know one day you will emerge from this haze of hateful blame to live powerfully in your life. Press on, young love, and persevere. Life may seem unbelievably ugly right now, but there are such beautiful things to experience on the other side. As Nick Chiles said, I cannot wait to to sing along with your heart. Love, love, love to you.

    I will save this letter and share with my daughter (now 4) when she is of age. The wonderful and important sentiments you wrote Nick are the type of support all young people need to hear, understand and embrace. Keep writing your lessons of love. You inspire me.

  133. Belinda Brewer

    I live here in Texas..Words will never be able to express my true feelings of this horrible act…..My heartaches…My inners scream from within…I’m a mother of 2 adult sons I’m so thankful that God’s grace and mercy has been with my sons their entire lives…I taught them to hurt a woman or any person is a crime against themselves, their mother and family!!! My heart goes out to this young child..I want her to know that she is loved and the power of God is always there to renew her strength…I bow my head in shame that some mother’s son could impose such harm on a baby girl or any woman.Let us remember that words paint a vivid picture on this baby girls life. So hopefully as a community of people let us embrace her in our love,speak life back into her. We have to let her know that their are some really Good God fearing blackmen out her who will love and protect her from this harsh and seemly cold work…Brother’s who are fathers of young daugthers stop take the time to look at your precious child and encourage and speak to the queen that reside in her….So Baby Girl I speak life to you!!! Your journey has just began and I will support and uplift you daily in prayer…I pray your rise above your despair because you are a precious and special little baby girl..Belinda Brewer

  134. Jill t - Tennessee

    For Nick: Thank you Nick. If there were more men like you and those who have left all their heart-felt comments, then Texas, U.S.A., and the world would be a much better place.
    For you Baby Dearest: Just know that you are Somebody, you are a Human Being, you are Unique, there is only One of You, and you are LOVED just because you are you. Hold your head up, look the world in the eyes, and you will see me and millions more people who believe in you.

  135. I hope and pray that we will have real man like Nick Chiles around the world,God bless the little girl

  136. It was insulting to to refer to the perpetrators of this attack on a child – as a group of men and boys – they were a pack of wild animals,and should be recognised as such. My heart bleeds for the little girl. God Bless

  137. We are not black but I am a single mother of two boys – 1 is 25 and the other is 11. The message of what a good black man should look like can be taught to any young man and I will give this description and rememberance on a plaque to both of my boys. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  138. Officer Rose Brant

    Baby girl,

    If anyone has made you feel ashamed or at fault know this…men who do this are very good at making kids feel at fault. It is not your fault. He is a man and knows better, you are a child who was preyed upon.

    There is a whole nation praying for you and your recovery. You are a survivor. Look how brave and strong you are. I am very proud of you for surviving this.

    Officer Brant

  139. Most beautiful and powerful prose, Nick Chiles! Hey Denene. Hope all’s well with you and your beautiful, family. 🙂

    When I read the story of that little Latina 11 year old child, I could not help but think of my own Yasmeen. I cried for days as I recalled her story in the midnight hour. I prayed that her little soul would block out the events of that horrific day and that she a sense of normalcy would be restored in her life.

    Father God, I pray that you speak innocense back into the life of that sweet, child. That your peace envelops her being so that she can have a normal life despite the pain of what is. In Jesus’ precious and holy name I pray. Amen.

  140. Little princess…you are a beautiful strong young lady. I will pray that your dad’s wishes come true…that you are able to move past this and live the happy life a beautiful princess like you deserves.

  141. I hope your father’s letter gives you the courage you will need to overcome the violation of your body by these creatures who believe they are men and strenght to forgive the people who would have you believe it was your fault. Be strong and rise above it all.

  142. You cannot know how badly I needed to read this. How confused and ill I felt over the horrid action and reaction done to this child.

    A child I couldn’t hold and protect, and know for certain she is being shown strength and love and compassion.

    So I blogged, and wrote and until reading your so poignant heartfelt letter, had felt such heartache.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    To those stating they hope the assialants grow from this. I can’t reach that far. As is, this form of assault has little punishment. Note that when/if the guilty are released, they could move next to YOU. So it is a problem that society has a whole should become involved with.

    To baby girl,

    You dearest, are a survivor. And I pray the strength and knowledge of such will help heal your wounds, straighten your back and raise your head proudly, as you continue to grow. For now I can only hope that you have been told of those in the world that are here to say, we are with you.

    Dana- Mother of 5

  143. I am the mother of an 11 year old daughter. I call her Babygirl. Please know that there are more people in this world that care about you than don’t. That there are people who have never met you, that have cried for you.
    Know that you don’t have to let this terrible thing define you. You are worthy of the love we all feel for you. There is NOTHING an 11 year old could EVER do to deserve what has happened to you.
    Close your eyes Babygirl, sit in silence, and feel the love that we posses for you. Let that be what defines you.

  144. This letter is beautiful. It not only shoudl be directed to black men, but to any color man out there. Our society has become uncontrolable because we, as society, have chosen to not allow discipline to our children. Unfortunately this is one of the consequences, and I believe we will see more of this type of action.

    As for this poor young lady, my heart and prayers go out to her. I pray that she heals. I pray that she learns forgiveness. I pray that she finds happiness and lasting comfort in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, for without looking toward him she cannot be truly healed. If she were her, I would love to wrap my around around her and hold her toghtly while we cried together. May peace be with you.

  145. Reading this brought tears to my eyes…both tears of sadness for this little girl and tears of pride for this writer. I shared this on my Facebook wall and encouraged others to share as well. I hope that this sweet princess reads it and one day believes in its contents. All little girls should be treated as the princess that they are. My prayers go out to the restoration of this society, the heart of this baby and the souls of these boys.

  146. Dearest baby girl,

    No matter what race, what religion, how dark or light the color of skin, the education, high school or a Ph.D. All men should treat all women and men with dignity and respect, at all times, not just in public, but behind closed doors. To u and every young woman, you are not second class, lower and can hold your own, walk with and beside, so hold your head high and smile and I pray you are blessed with all the goodnes and kindess the world can now offer.

  147. Hey sweetheart

    I pray that you find peace, strength and solace. May you find yourself surrounded by people who’ll treasure and protect you as you recover from this, as you find that inner strength.

    It’s okay to be upset, and it’s okay to be angry and scared-you probably need to feel that way and I hope you find people to talk to, the people who can help you work through this. And you will get through this. You will get through this-it won’t be easy, but you will get through. You are loved.

  148. Dear Nick and Baby Girl,
    Wow! Wonderful! What compassionate, understanding you show for Baby Girl and all women. I am a grandmother of 12 (among them a girl of 12 that we call, Baby Girl) and I was horrified to read this news.
    I also have a black son-in-law who is the prime example of your REAL
    MAN. His daughters will not have to look far to find the best example of a husband.
    Baby Girl, even though we don’t know you and maybe never will, we love you because God loves you and we will pray for a swift recovery for you and that you will someday come to know and love God.
    From a grandma who dearly loves her grandchildren

  149. Young Lady,

    Hold on to your beautiful spirit. Know the beauty and strength you posses. Understand and feel your greatness.

    Much love, peace and many blessings to you!

  150. What a completely moving, heartfelt and uplifting response to a horrible event. I agree with what others have said here….these qualities describe a real man of any color that any woman of any color would be happy with.

    Baby Girl, what Nick says here, it is true. Every word of it is true.

    Remember the loving and caring of strangers pouring out their hearts to you, and allow that love to melt the pain until it moves from your soul.

    Know that “all men” are NOT alike, there are many good men and many good people in the world. You deserve happiness and love and when you are ready, a healthy relationship – and it is possible to have all that you deserve.
    Healing thoughts and loving wishes are with you now and always.

  151. “But with this sheltering comes its unfortunate consequence: the infantilizing of black boys. We treat them like misbehaving children who dont know any better and, behold, thats what they become. We excuse their horrendous misdeeds in the name of racial solidarity and, little by little, day by day, they slough off any vestiges of responsibility for their actions. They become less than whole. They become weak and egomaniacal and tyrannical, lacking self-control, lacking discipline, lacking perspective on their place in the world.”

    I worked at a middle school and I spent the last 4 years of my life saying the exact same thing. It’s sad that we’re raising our young men to believe that they can do what they want believing that nothing bad will happen to them because the world feels sorry for them. A belief that’s silly at best, downright dangerous at the very worst.

  152. Thanks, Nick.

  153. Every young man should be taught your values. Your mother must be so very proud of you, Nick. What an inspiration you are!!!

  154. Sweetheart,

    You are beautiful, smart, and strong. You are precious and loved. You have done nothing to be ashamed of, darling girl. Hold your head up high, walk tall, and be proud of yourself for surviving what would have broken many others. You are amazing now, and you will be amazing when you are a grown woman. You are perfect the way you are, and know that you have people from all over the world pulling for your success and for your healing.

    I love you, baby girl. Remember to love yourself as we all love you, just the way you are.

    Your big sister-survivor

  155. Touched by this letter. We need more fathers like Nick who will teach boys what it means to be a man. To the little girl, read Nick’s letter and cheer up. It is well with you.

  156. Nick, want a wonderful description of a REAL man. It’s so sad that so many young girls have trouble recognizing him.

    To the young girl: Sweetheart, I don’t know what to say to you that will make this ugly blot in your life any easier, but remember, you are STILL innocent. Understand that.

  157. A mother of two

    As I sat and read this letter I cried. I am a mother of a girl almost the same age and a son who is only four. I cried at the horror that this child endured, I cried that she must now endure the ugly things that are being said. Mr.Giles you are a gentleman may God bless you for pouring your heart out for this little girl. I have always tried to raise my children to be respectful of others but with your permission I think I will print out your letter and place it where my husband and I will see it everyday to remind us of what we want for our son and for our daughter.
    To the young lady who is walking in the dark places of this life. You might feel like you are alone, you never are. You are loved. You are loved by so, so many people who have never met you and never will meet you. Our Heavenly Father loves you. He will give you strength when you need it you have only to ask. But maybe you are struggling with God just now, maybe you wonder if He is truely with you. If so then, when you are caught in those memories of that horrible time, please just close your eyes, wrap your arms around yourself and see how long it takes for you to feel all of us wrapping our arms around you. May God bless you

  158. Wow! and thank you Nick. I really appreciated reading this as even a grown black woman. Wish I had heard some of these things as a young lady. I’d even love for my husband to read this. It’s a reminder of who you guys are to us and what we have in you. We’re raising a grandson. My husband came into our marriage with a daughter. His father left him at age 5. If God placed this young life in our house, we need to do with him what we should, so that he leaves this house the way God intended. My husband needs to model these things even more so than tell these things to our grandson.

  159. dear baby girl- remember you are loved!!!! and this to shall pass. God bless you and get you through this time.

    mom of 1

  160. Dear Little Girl,

    There is a light that shines within you that no one can ever extinguish — not by the things they do or the things they say. That light gives you the power to rise above all that has happened to you. Don’t be afraid to let your light shine. What happened to you was terrible, but the light inside of you is bright enough and warm enough to overcome it. When you feel sad, or angry or afraid, know that it’s okay to feel those emotions, but don’t let that be all you feel. Feel that light INSIDE you as well. You don’t have to look for it outside yourself, because it’s already inside you. You may not be able to see it right now, but if you keep saying to yourself, “I am that light”, eventually you will find it. God gave it to you and nothing can ever take it away.

    You are loved. You are loved by family, friends, me, other people you haven’t even met and, most of all, by God. You may feel like you don’t have any power right now, but you can claim your power by choosing to hear all of this love over your memories of what happened and the mean things people say. When you feel down, focus on this love. It will help you shine your light brighter and brighter.

    You are young and you have the chance to do something most of us older folks didn’t know we could do when bad things happened to us. You can hold your head high and hold on to the powerful love and light inside of you. You can show people that anything is possible and you can inspire them to overcome the things that happened to them. And you can do this just by being yourself — not what other people think you are or should be. All you have to do is be the living, breathing example of God’s love and power that you already are.

    If you look in the mirror and can’t see how special you are and how you are worthy of love, just imagine the light inside you burning bright — burning what happened into little ashes. And see yourself as clearly as God and all the people who love you do.

    Shine brightly little sister.

  161. Dear Nick, You are truly a man of compassion, character and courage. May God bless you and keep you writing, talking and reaching out. This world needs more men just like you, black, white or any other color- you are wonderful.
    Dear innocent child of God, I am so so sorry. I am so very sorry for what those men did to you and for the ignorance and misguided hatred being directed at you. Please read this and repeat it to yourself as many times as you need to: You are NOT to blame for any of it! You are 11 years old. You are a child. You are innocent. Nothing else matters. There is NOTHING you did to cause this. Those evil men are to blame. ONLY those men are to blame. Not society, not what you wear or where you go, not your parents, and certainly not YOU! Please don’t take on one ounce of their guilt or shame- it is not your to carry. You are God’s child and you are loved. I was raped when I was a little girl too, but it took me 40 years to find out that it wasn’t my fault. As a mother, I want to hold you and love you and tell you again. It is not your fault. May God bless you and heal you beautiful child. I don’t know you, but I care. Forgive yourself and be good to yourself.

  162. What an amazing letter and I think that letter should go for ALL men black, white, yelllow, brown, green, blue, purple…………Dear sir people like you give me hope that the world isn’t as ugly as some make it out to be. Your sons and nephews and the folks they meet will all benefit

  163. To our “daughter,”

    I call you “daughter,” because as a community, we’ve collectively chosen to adopt you. You should know that your “family” supports you in every possible way that we can, whether we are nearby to you, or perhaps, quite distant.

    At 11 years of age, please understand that despite everything, you should have an entire life of wonder, discovery, excitement and enjoyment before you. The possibilities of you future should be unlimited, and it is also up to us — your “family” — to help ensure that the surroundings and environment in which you are to productively grow, are free of any and all limitations that could stand in your way. That’s what “family” is all about.

  164. Baby, I can’t imagine. You are special, beautiful, innocent. I love you so dearly, so fiercely. We all do. I want to make it all okay, to hold you, to tell you that it really will be okay. Baby, know that this is not your fault. You are a beautiful child of God, and you are more perfect than anyone here on Earth could ever tell you. You are an angel. My wish for you, beyond knowing how beautiful and special and wonderful you are, is silliness. I want for you to be able to play dress up and pretend. I wish for you to use too much glitter and sing loudly into your hairbrush in the mirror. Baby girl, jump on the bed and tell all of your stuffed animals how great they are. When you look in the mirror, know that you’re pretty. That you’re lovely, lovable, loved. Know that you’re in my heart and mind and prayers. Baby, you are remarkable, you are a survivor, and you will overcome this ugliness and shine brighter than you can even imagine. I love you.

  165. Hey sweetgirl. I wish I could give you a hug and sit you on my lap the way I do my own little girl. Tell you how special you are. Tell you that you are not what happened to you, never ever that, I promise. I know. Not like you know, but some. And that you can be strong. And that you can survive. And that you can be amazing. You are a princess. You are a pixie. You are a precious darling girlbaby. You deserve every bit of happiness this world can give you. None of this was your fault, I promise promise. Know that someone, many someones out there in the world send you love and think about you, think about you so much and want…want you to be safe and find happiness.

  166. Marta in Kentucky

    I am one more mother, joining so many men, women, boys, and girls to support you and send love. Even as an adult, I can’t imagine walking in your shoes – being strong enough to keep moving forward after being hurt as you’ve been. But I hope you can lean on me, and on all the people who want to support you. Let the love of your friends and family and those all over the world who are thinking about you to fill you with strength. Hear us when we tell you that you are brave and beautiful. Let us drown out the noise with songs of encouragement, and find comfort in our caring. We care so very, very much that it seems impossible to find words to tell you. Hold your head high like the princess that you are, and know that we respect your strength. We share our strength with you, and our love.

  167. Stewart Roberts

    I have just read the letter above, and have found it one of the most moving readings I have ever read. He is so right in every thing he has said. I support that totally. i am so sorry for what has happened to you. You are the only person who knows that direct pain and suffering. But, for every bad experience, I believe, there are many good experiences, which will in time come to you ten-fold. the people who have treated you badly in the worst possible way, will, I believe receive their reward? You in the meantime will become strong and survive to become a great person. I truly believe this.

  168. What a wonderful letter you wrote Nick. I hope this letter helps other girls in the same situation as this little girl. May God Bless you and all the other girls this has happend too. And remember this in not your fault. Please remember that.

  169. Baby Girl, I have felt your pain since hearing of the horrible crime against you. The blame, issues are not with you. NOTHING you did or said caused this to happen. The problems lie with these young men. You will rise above this and you are not what “they” say you are. You are a conqueror and a survivor. Use this pain to inspire other young women/girls that sadly endure this pain. You are a beautiful, young girl, walk and hold your head up inspite of. It will not be easy some days, but pray…..”Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou are with me, thy rod and thy staff comfort me…Psalm 23

  170. This is for you, 11-year old girl,
    Hello, beautiful girl. Listen like prayer. You are a girl, first. You are beautiful, second. You are soft as breath and strong as wind. You are invisible when they stare. You are brighter than their hate. You are taller than their cowardice.

    Listen, girl. Listen beautiful: when you read about yourself one day as “11-year old rape victim,” look for that girl crouched in your heart. Take her out into your palm. Hold her. Girl. Beautiful girl. Tell her she is beautiful. Tell her how much you love her. Tell her, like her momma and all of Cleveland, TX should be telling her now, that she will get through this. Brush her hair. Let her cry. Help her to stand up tall inside you, inside your heart, grown woman heart, grown woman tall.

    Then look at her and be proud: girl, beautiful, brown, strong, capable, intelligent, and survivor! If you ever read this, I want you to know exactly what you deserve: to be hugged, to be held, to be soothed. To be told that this is a horrible, horrible violence you have experience, and to be told that nobody–NOBODY–who knows anything at all would say that this is your fault. Real black men, real black women— Real mommas, and sisters, and daddies, and brothers will take you by the hand, shelter you from the harsh words, help you heal, and encourage your growth and strength into the beautiful, strong, intelligent, capable, and independent woman you will become. These boys–not even boys– mongrels, sub-animal cowards–and these women who say they are mothers– please pay them no attention, if you can (and I know that is difficult, maybe impossible). They are not doing right by you, not right by you at all.

    I’m just a white momma from far away, and I know, if you were my baby girl, I would tell you and tell you and tell you this. Tell you until you knew it true.

  171. Beautiful girl,
    Please know and understand that while you may be hurting right now, please do not feel as if your world is over. You have a whole life ahead of you and God will see you through. None of this was your fault, no matter what other people may say. Often people look for someone to blame and unfortunately it is the victim. Nothing you did or said caused you to deserve this. God will heal you and I pray for you every day.

  172. That letter was amazing. I will print three copies to give to my children when the time is right. 1 for my oldest daughter who is 13, one for my middle daughter who is 7, and one for my only son who is a year old. I want my girls to know how they should be treated and for my son to know how to treat women. Mothers please tell your daughters they are beautiful everyday, so that when some “guy” comes along it will take more than those words to reel them in.

  173. beautifully written nick.
    my heart is breaking for this little girl. be a survivor baby girl. hold your head up high….you did NOTHING wrong.
    hugs and more hugs

  174. Dear Nick my name is Brenda Myers and I’m The President of The Community Y& Children’s Impact Center in Cleveland, Texas. The 11 year old girl was on my youth team along with her sisters and many friends. I have been interviewed by CNN, Channel 11, New York Times, GQ Magazine, Radio Interviews and more since this horrible news came to light. I was hoping that through me having a voice for the children in my community people all around the world hearing this story would understand that we are not all bad people in Cleveland, Texas, that our hearts are broken and that we intend to fight back in a positive way to let this child know we are not going to let this rape go unnoticed and that we are taking a stand for her and all rape victims for that matter.
    You have no idea how much your story and the comments of your readers have touched my heart. I am in every day contact with this family and I will make sure the family gets this amazing story. A lot of people are trying to make this a raciest issue, however I work with some of the most amazing black organizations and people that it hurts me deeply when people use this as a excuse to hide the real truth and not addresses the needs and pain of this little girl. I was hit by a drunk driver in 2004 and God gave me a vision to help the children in my community. I started the Community & Children’s Impact Center in 2006. We have made a difference in hundreds of lives but due to the fact we live in a very high poverty rated area the funding is tough. We have raised enough funds over the last 5 years to purchase a small piece of land and a van for youth transportation. We are working on raising funds purchase a culvert for a driveway and the building materials. We have no after school programs and no youth center for 40 miles in any direction. Our children are losing hope.
    God is sending me angels as we speak so I have to keep my faith and know someone is going to come one day to help me get this center. We then can make a tremendous Impact in more childrens lives.
    The little 11 year old girl was part of this team and I feel if we would have had a safe place for her to go on a daily basis this may not have happened. I feel her pain as well as I do the whole family because they are like family to me. I want each of your readers to know that the love and heartfelt spirit is being heard right here in Cleveland and it is making a positive Impact. Please have your readers go to
    any suggestions or advice is welcomed. I appreciate your kindness and love for a child. You gave me more hope. Sincerely, Brenda Myers/President

  175. Nick, thank you so much for writing this letter and sharing it with the world here on this blog. I wrote my own blog post on Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker about the gang rape of this little girl and put a link back to this letter. My blog post link is . Let me know what you think about my blog post.

  176. To think that something this barbaric can happen to an 11 year old girl in the free world is uncomprehending. Regardless the race and age of the perpetrators, they should be sentenced equally. To RAPE any one especially an 11 year old girl, only shows the complete lack of human morality and consciousness that divides us from beasts. Those who committed this horrible act will have a lifetime to worry about their sentence in the afterworld. They should be sentenced to prison and castrated to eliminate ANY chance of them ever reproducing on our planet again.

  177. This really does break my heart! No woman, no child, no Human being deserves something like this to happen to them! Yet people have the audacity to BLAME this child? Are you kidding me?? If you can’t tell already, this infuriates me beyond belief! And for the people that blame this poor defenseless child, you should be ashamed of yourselves! This child feels bad as it is that these horrible things are happening to her! And instead of helping her, instead of protecting her, you blame her? What if this was happening to YOUR child? Think about that!

  178. This family is suffering, and will be suffering for a long time. In addition to this unimaginable devestation they are having to go through, the mother has tumors in her brain and the father is out of work…and the entire family has been forced to move out of their home town to avoid danger, and they have nothing (not even beds to sleep on) now…. I just left a little fund raiser for them in Houston. If you want to give anything to help the mother, the father, the three other children or this little girl that we are all sending out our love and prayers to, you can find out how to give at the Houston Chronicles website:

  179. Keep Your head up little one! Many many MANY prayers for you! Much love little one! <3

  180. Precious angel of God, I am a survior and a victor of sexual assualt from as early as 4 years old. Over time you will heal with the help of the Lord , and to know that everyday you wake up you have a purpose of being, and even though you went through this horrific ordeal, I want you to know there are so many women, men and even children as young as yourself praying for you. GOD is here with you and He is ever so real!!! I wish I could take away your pain and protect you from all the hatefulness , but I cant , God can!! 🙂 He sees your every tear that you shed He feels the pain that you feel and in time you may never forget those days but with the Lord by your side and all the loving prayers from across the world that are going up for you , You too are a survivor but most importantly you are a victor!! You have every reason to walk with your head held high and never let no one tell you other wise, It can be done, Ive been there, Ive felt the pain and I walk everyday with my head held high with no shame. It wasnt your fault then and its not your fault now…..In time your light will shine again……mine does. Take care baby girl you are a precious angel and I will forever be praying for you.
    We love you Babygirl….Amanda F.

    and to the mothers of the boys/men who did this ……if it was your daughter what would you do, blame her too? Shame on you, and I pray that GOD had his way with you.

  181. I can only imagine how you must feel. I won’t pretend that to shower you with words of encouragement and stories about my past will wash away the film of hate left on you by these animals. What happened to you is not what this life is supposed to be about (let’s just get that out of the way now in case you didn’t realize it).

    I am still trying to figure this part out, but from what I gather life has this way of pulling at our souls. Stretching us between extremes, the euphoria of our babies first breath and the soul scarring hell of the ultimate violation. What I have found thus far is we live the life we are given to develop our physical health, our spiritual strength, and our emotional acuity. This is why our bodies WILL heal, life’s journey WILL weigh heavily on our minds and our heart WILL learn to accept that which makes it stronger and turn away from us those things that serves no other purpose but to harm.

    It’s a process sweetheart.

    The fact that you are still present in your life tells me I should expect great things from you. I pray that realize this as well. The fact is you are still alive and the person you are now will cease to be two minutes from now. New experiences, chance connections with other souls that will enrich your life, and quiet contemplations will allow you to take part in your own rebirth.

    Enjoy LIFE.


  183. First thank you nick for your beautiful words
    mi nina querida yo te pido perdon por la malicia que te esta lloviendo sobre ti y tu familia (mi beloved little girl i ask your pardon for the maliciousness that rains over you and your family)
    Despues de lo que te paso cambiando tu vida y la de tu familia (after what happened to affect you and your family)
    no dejes que te roben lo que te queda de to ninez (do not let them rob them of the chilhood that still lays before you)
    no dejes que te quiten to sonrisa tu luz (do not let them take your smile your light)
    habran dias en que la oscuridad y el peso seran tan fuerte que solo respirar sentira mas de lo que puededes hacer (there will be days when darkness and the weight will feel so strong that just taking a breath will seem more than you can do)
    en esos dias no te dejes vencer no los dejes ganar (on thesew days to not let yourself feel beaten down do not let them win)
    tu eres la luz (you are the light)
    siente el amor y las esperanzas que te cobijan de tu seres amados y de estranos (feel the love and hope that blanket you from your loved ones and strangers alike)
    vive por ti, levanta tu frente dia por dia (live, face lifted day by day )
    no eres culpable de nada fuiste una victima por doble (you are innocent a double victim)
    no dejes que esto te define (do not let this define you )
    por que tu mi nina vales tanto mas que todo l sol que nos da luz que la luna y las estrellas juntas (for you my my little girl are so valuable more than the sun more than the moon and the stars put together)
    siente el calor de nuestros abrazos siente la fuerza que te mandamos (feel the warmth of the embraces and the strength that we send you)
    mi nina no te dejes vencer
    mi nina siente tu valor tu fuerza tu respecto tu sonrisas a qual nadie te las peuden robar

  184. Young lady, for you I wish healing and happiness, however bleak things may seem at this time.

    Please, do not let other people define you. However unlikely it may seem today, you do have the world by the tail; that is something you will understand when you are older and look back on your youth.

    I encourage you to defy everyone who stereotypes you, by becoming strong and proud and accomplished.

  185. CW
    I pray that GOD will continue to break every chain of everything that is not of Him and restore and repair you wholly and fully Mind body and soul. I love you, God loves you, Jesus loves you and i admire your strength. Just call on the name of Jesus and He is always there. Be Blessed my littlt sister.

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