MyBrownBaby Fresh: What We’re Reading, Doing, Watching and Listening To This Week

I started out the week having a terrible, horrible, no good, bad day (relationship building and maintenance with businesses that refuse to recognize your worth can make even the best of us feel like crap), but I’m happy to say that after a few days of licking my wounds, my shoulders are squared, I got my Muhammad Ali, “Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee” bounce back, and I’m looking forward to making magic again. #CantStopWontStop #CantKeepAGoodWomanDown

Anyhoo, while I was taking a “Get Right” break from the drama, I found some really interesting stuff around the innanets, and I just couldn’t keep all the goodness to myself. Here’s what I’m reading, doing, watching and listening to this week:


The Root’s “Are Food Dyes Making Kids Hyperactive?” a piece about whether that Allura Red No. 40, Sunset Yellow No. 6, Brilliant Blue No. 1 and five other dyes typically found in cereal, juice, candy, chips and other food we feed our kids is making them hyperactive. Experts are asking the FDA to ban the dyes, or at least put warning labels on food and drinks that contain them. As The Root points out, “whether a link exists is of special concern to African-American families, one-quarter of whom live in neighborhoods where supermarkets are scarce but there are processed and artificially colored foods in abundance.” Say word.


This absolutely delicious 1930s picture of a little African American girl hamming it up in a photo booth in the 1930s. I wonder what’s her story? Shout out to The Smithian for the find.


All of the juicy gossip former “The View” host-turned-Celebrity Apprentice luminary Star Jones is dishing on her new steamy novel, Satan’s Sisters the fictional behind-the-scenes look at a daytime talk show has tongues wagging from LA to NYC! and her star turn on the hit show where she’s going mano a mano with Real Housewives of Atlanta mouthpiece Nene Leakes. Says Star in this interview: “I am intense; I am strategic; I am very manipulative. But it was competition. This was not a sorority. I will be seeing my sorority sisters tomorrow and I'll be loving and wonderful and kind and welcoming. But on ‘Apprentice,’ my job is to bait, trap and kill! Step up, or step off.”


If you think Jada Pinkett is on to something with her parenting style. In an interview recapped on Clutch, she says, I see my children as little people, not necessarily people to control. You've got to help them develop and become individuals. You have to find out who they are but enforce boundaries to keep them safe. Sounds a lot like the MyBrownBaby philosophy on childrearing


To the beautiful words in “Beautiful,” this new Noel Gourdin song. Remember when R&B and hip hop artists sang lyrics that made it seem like they actually like, like us? Uh huh it’s been a while. But Noel is making it all better with this one. #heart


Check out Black Voice’s list of “40 Influential Black Female Authors.” Guess who made the list? #DeeplyHonored

Happy reading, sweeties and have a fantastic weekend!











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Denene Millner

Mom. NY Times bestselling author. Pop culture ninja. Unapologetic lover of shoes, bacon and babies. Nice with the verbs. Founder of the top black parenting website, MyBrownBaby.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on making the ‘Black Voices’ List!!!!
    You are such an amazing woman!! ::HIGH-FIVE!!!::

  2. Cosign on Jada’s statement about little people…and learning who they are and helping them develop and become individuals. I feel exactly the same way about my little one and I find the more I let her show me who she is by spending time with her and exploring with her, the more she transforms me as a person too. I can’t wait to meet her as a young woman.

    And yes kudos on your BV nod…true talk. I was just talking about you actually…Well done. Na you biko! (As we say back home in Nigeria) meaning…loosely translated…You da bomb!

  3. Congrats on the BV list. Those were fantastic picks. I loved that they pulled from all genres. I also loved seeing all the current pics of so many of my favorite authors.

  4. Those who do not value you, your talent, your intellect, and your heart, do not deserve your efforts.
    No Money, No Honey.

  5. Congrats on the BV list! They realize what I’ve known from day one!

  6. Edward L. Jordan

    Great perceptions as usual Denene.. Yes, our children are “litte people..” I think if we could somehow “marry”some of the good things of how we were raised by our parents and grandparents to the the availability to new information, we could transform our children.. On the dye piece, we’ve just got to do better!!! This cuts across socio-economic strata in our community! We’ve REALLY got to start using all of this education and training that our generation has garnered?? We’ve got to have the ability to think critically about EVERYTHING that touches community life and make wholesale changes if need be..

    On the music piece D- well? I grew up in the ’70’s so I agree with you.

    Lastly, congratulations on the influential writer nod.. Cream rises to the top:-)

  7. Finding out who they are , while enforcing boundaries for safety, sounds like a good way to raise children.

  8. Barbara Soloski Albin

    I think the little girl has nail polish on – very high styled 🙂

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