Wordful Wednesday: Digging My Beautiful Brown Babies Through the Lens Of My iPhone

My Nikon D-50, my baby, my ace, is dead. Well, not dead but in need of some resuscitation at a bonafide camera hospital. And I’ve been loathe to get the doggone thing fixed because my new baby, my new love my iPhone got me all turned out. Like, seriously, I’m absolutely addicted to iPhoneography and all the supercool apps that help me trick out my shots. Among my favorites: Instagram, Hipstamatic, ToonPAINT, and WordFoto all of which make my pictures look absolutely delicious. And so I figured I might as well let someone other than Lila and Mari (who regularly jack my phone to play games) and my friend Gretchen (whose kids make for awesome subjects with their little cute selves) see them. So, without further ado, some of my favorite iPhonetographs.


This is my Mari after a swim competition.

Yes, black girls swim too!


These are the adorable green Converse of Lila’s best buddy, Maggie, who put them to

good use playing old school games at a recent field day.


I just adore the energy of this shot Lila and Maggie playing an

old school jumping game at Field Day. Dig Lila’s shadow.



These two are the perfect confection of sweet, smart, energetic, mischievous goodness.

I’m so happy my Lila found her Maggie, and that Maggie found her. They go good together.

This is the two of them plotting something fantastic at Field Day.


Every morning on the way to school, Mari and I drive by the neighborhood lake and

marvel at what God can do. On this day, He was definitely showing off!


I was walking down the street minding my own business when I saw this beautiful tree,

with its funky, fluttery orangey-yellow leaves. I got this shot standing directly

under the canopy certainly a place as peaceful as the tree itself.


This is my super fly nephew, who couldn’t take a bad picture if he tried. This is him hanging

out at a family fishing trip at the Jimmy Carter Center here in Atlanta.



And this would be my other nephew, the bold and fearless Miles, who just couldn’t

resist feeding the ducks leftover bread from our fishing trip picnic. Yes, Miles managed to leave

with all of his digits, and the duck with a full tummy.



Two words: Doll baby. This is my neighbor’s little beauty.



I promise you, just looking at this picture makes my taste buds sizzle.

This is a breakfast of cinnamon and honey pancakes, fresh fruit and bacon

Mari made for us recently. YUM!



That’s my Mari, the gigglemeister. I love the softness of her face in this one and that I caught

her in the middle of an intimate, beautiful moment with her mommy.

This is right before I kissed one of those juicy cheeks!


And of course, what’s the use of having an iPhone 4 if you’re not using the best feature on that sucker the front camera? I know, I know who sits around taking a billion pictures of themselves? BUT seriously? You can’t help but say cheese when you can whip up self-portraits like these. I hooked up this shot with instagram; the one below is an instagram shot, too. The picture at the top of this post was tricked out with ToonPAINT.



For the record, I totally plan to get my baby, the Nikon D-50, fixed. I promise you that. But in the meantime, I’m totally going to keep playing with my iPhone 4; the pictures are too good not to! To see more great pictures taken by bloggers who love snapping and sharing, check out Wordful Wednesday at SevenClownCircus.com.


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Denene Millner

Mom. NY Times bestselling author. Pop culture ninja. Unapologetic lover of shoes, bacon and babies. Nice with the verbs. Founder of the top black parenting website, MyBrownBaby.


  1. what a sweet sunny start to all of our days. LOVE the self portraits too. Gorgeous Mama, gorgeous family!

  2. Denene, You have a terrific eye! The shots are very artsy and creative, perhaps professional photography’s a new feather to add to your cap! The slide show read like an art exhibit! Just imagine if you could do this with your iphone, the world is definitely your oyster!
    Be Blessed,

  3. Okay, Photographisha! These photos are the hotness! My absolute fave is the one with Lila and Maggie in plot mode! I could write an entire story around that picture because you captured a world of thoughts in that moment. You better get it, Camera-netta!

  4. Great pictures. And you are gorgeous!

  5. Love these pictures! Ok, I’ll admit, the Droid ain’t got nothing on the iPhone camera ;0)

  6. I absolutely adore all the shots! You have mad skillz, even with an iPhone camera! 😉

    WW: Dinosaur & Dragon Conga Drama

  7. Those are some great pictures. I can’t believe those were taken by a cell phone. I love the natures ones–so sweet that you take you daughter by the lake before school. That is such a great way to start the day 🙂

  8. Wonderful pics!! Can’t believe you got them on the iphone! Wow, just beautiful!

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