Honey Do: Things That Annoy Wives And Ways Husbands Can Fix It

Yes, darlings our first season run with the Honey Do: The Web Series is about to come to an end. But you know neither I nor Akilah of Execumama would leave you without a strong finish to step to. In this, the first in our two-part season finale, Akilah and I are giving husbands specific examples bullet points, y’all on four things that really annoy their wives and, joy!, sound, solid info on what they can do help make it right. (And maybe get a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ for their troubles.) Watch and learn!

The video version of our new project, Honey Do: 8 Simple Ways Husbands Can Make Their Wives Happy, is produced by Tyler New Media Inc. for MyCulture.tv, an awesome new website featuring high-quality original programming for us, by us. Be sure to stop by MyCulture.tv to see some of the other great shows there!

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Denene Millner

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  1. I know all about Big Daddy Kane 😉 Okay now I am June Cleaver. I enjoy planning everybody’s calendar (dog included). I also love being in charge of the creative financing department. Social calendar? ALL ME. Have I mentioned I have the husband that wants to help with crap and talk about crap too? I married me a good one huh? Really though, I am a control freak. I run the house. I am the HBIC.

    This morning my husband asked me if I am happy about our daughter’s choices. I told him that I was and I trust them 99%. He said my words are money and he just wants them to turn out exactly like me. AWWW!! I love him 🙂

    Needless to say, my night time attire has changed a whole lot. *tap tap*

  2. I love it! Sometimes I just want my husband to offer help. Can I get a MAY I HELP YOU WITH BREAKFAST OR THE LAUNDRY OR PICKING UP THE KIDS? I would probably end up taking over or saying no, but I just want him to realize I need help sometimes.

  3. I changed the web address if ny blog(It’s linking to the old one)! thiscooknmom.blogspot.com

  4. Love it!!!
    All husbands need to listen to this. Just offer – they don’t know how much that means.

  5. I never watched this series before, but that “tap in…to tap that” had me rollin’! It’s so true – make my life easier and maybe I won’t have that headache or be so tired when it gets down to the get down! I will be sending that video to my husband, although, I still want him to run everything by me before he makes any decisions 🙂

  6. Wow! Ladies, this is so right on it’s ridiculous! Great job! And yes, if the hubs wants my attention, he needs to take the pressure and burden off my back so that I can just be free to enjoy his company! Thank you for this video ladies! Excellent! =)

  7. I love this!!! OMG. Some of it totally applies. Not on here, but my biggest pet-peeve around the house is when my husband says, “We need to clean-up … or … we need to throw a lot of stuff out of here (fridge) … ” By “we,” I know he means ME!!! Or when the weekend comes and all I want to do is sit my butt down and read, after running around like a madwoman all week, and he asks, “So what are your plans today?” Like I have to have plans. My response every weekend for the last fourteen years, “NOTHING. NADA.” Hint. Hint. *go away* I really don’t think he does it intentionally, but boy does it get under my skin. Awesome clip, ladies. : D

    • SO with you on this, Ezzy! He’ll say “We really need to clean the house” or “We need to do laundry,” when what he means is “You do the laundry.” That’s not to say my husband doesn’t help. He’s actually really good about cooking and cleaning and helping with the laundry, etc. But it drives me crazy when he makes comments like that with hidden innuendo. How about you start cleaning and I’ll join you? lmao…

  8. Oh, Ezzy–we totally need to add that “we need to…” to our list of “What NOT to Say to Your Wife!” I am so glad you brought that up!

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