It’s In the Jeans, Not the Genes: Understanding—and Curbing—Childhood Obesity

From Shelly Chapman @ EatRelateLove— 

My friend introduced me to the genius of Bruce Lipton and after watching this video, I had an A Ha! that I had to share.

How often have you heard women say:

  • “it’s in my genes”
  • “my mother/father was this way, too”
  • “it runs in the family”

Especially in regard to their bodies?

In one study, a group of expecting parents were surveyed and asked if the doctors determined that there was an obesity gene present in their child’s DNA, what would they do? (Mind you, genes do not cause obesity, they are solely correlated with obesity. They would have to be in an environment where they were unlocked; they can’t come out the gate being large and in charge.) Guess what the expecting parents said?

70% said they would abort their future child.

It’s that serious.

What’s even more serious is the miseducation around our bodies and how it takes shape. Which ultimately leads to a lack of responsibility for ourselves and our babies.

I don’t have children yet, but I’ve been working on my own inner child—reminding her that she’s absolutely responsible for all of her decisions. That she is always at choice in her decisions. That she doesn’t have to follow the blueprint left behind by her parents.  That the map and outlook she creates are what really take her higher…

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Photo credit: Nano Taboada for Flickr Creative Commons

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  1. Shelly! Denene, I’m so happy about this post. Shelly and I lived in the same freshwomen dorm at Spelman. Go Shelly!

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