Hustle Hard: “Octomom” Nadya Suleman Poses In Panties To Make The Rent

Giving a whole new meaning to the Ace Hood anthem, “Hustle Hard,” Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom, dropped her top and rocked flesh-toned panties in a photo shoot for a British magazine—a semi-nude picture and interview that earned her $10,000 toward a new house for her 14 kids.

Suleman, who once turned down a $1 million contract from a porn production company just two years ago, told TMZ Live that she posed semi-nude in Closer magazine out of “desperation” because she and the kids are being kicked out of her house on Friday and she needed to scrape up first and last month’s rent for a new place.

“If I were not in the situation that I’m in and faced with the impediments that I’m faced with I could never even fathom doing something like this,” Suleman told TMZ. “This is not who I am, and it’s not conducive to really my morals and values. But sometimes you have to learn to let go of a little bit—be more open-minded to certain opportunities.”

She insisted that her photo shoot was neither “hypersexualized” nor “exploitative,” and that she’s not ashamed of posing semi-nude in the magazine, which splayed the mom of 14 on its cover with the typical post-pregnancy rag mag headlines, “My Body’s Never Looked This Good,” and “I Gave Birth To 8 Babies & Lost 10st!” (10 stone)

Octomom, whose controversial in-vitro fertilization made headlines in 2009 after the then-mom of six carried and birthed eight more children all at once, tells Closer that she’s been celibate for 13 years, and, despite eating “like a horse” after gaining “an entire human” while she was pregnant with octuplets, she got back down to a size 8 just two months after having her babies.

Suleman also had a few more things to brag about, including what an awesome mother she is: “I’m such a good mother,” she told the magazine. “I’m so loving and my kids are so happy. There’s never been a time I’ve regretted having so many.”

Of course, Octomom is being raked across the internet coals for her semi-nude pictures and the $10,000 bounty she got to strip down to her bare breasts and flesh-toned skivvies. More than three years after Nadya Suleman became the most notorious single mom in America, folks are still giving her a hard time about having all those kids. Personally? Just like I did back then, I’m withholding judgment now. She’s somebody’s mama. Matter of fact, she’s 14 somebodies’ mama. I mean, I wouldn’t have laid up there and had all those babies knowing full well it’d be hard as hell to afford and take care of all of them. But clearly, mama needs a house and baby needs some shoes and if Suleman’s not abusing or neglecting her kids, she has the right to do what any other single mother would in her situation: “hustle, hustle, hustle, hard” to get what she needs for her children. She’ll get talked about like a dog. But at least the babies will eat and have a place to lay their heads at night.


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Denene Millner

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  1. Awesome of you to withhold judgment… I will not 🙂
    Ms. Sulemann was WELL aware of what she was doing when she decided to have 8 children at once when she already had several. She put herself in a terrible position and is an embarrassment to her children.

  2. I can’t judge (which is very hard) As a mom myself – I would not have added more to my family if I couldn’t afford it. But – to each their own. As for the semi-nude pictures – why don’t we make a fuss when others are doing it ???

  3. I shouldn’t judge but I will. I know that as a single mom I struggle to pay for daycare, expensive formula, a new wardrobe with each growth spurt (and by new I mean, new to us.. I don’t blame her for doing what she has to do to provide for her children-I wouldn’t have judged her for posing nude for the one million.
    I DO blame her for having all those babies when she was already struggling to take care of the ones she has. Kids need more than a roof over their head and something to eat. How much attention is she able to give them, from helping with homework to kisses and cuddles when they get hurt, taking them to activities, cheering them on sports teams, all of that good stuff. Kids deserve more than the basics.

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