“The Lorax” Combines a Great Message with Great Family Fun [REVIEW]

Last week MyBrownBaby sent 12-year-old Mari Chiles to an advance screening of “The Lorax.” This is her review.


Global warming, climate change, over-reliance on fossil fuels, no alternative energy sources. These are major problems in our world right now that will have a huge impact on us if we don’t do something about them. Many of the kids of this generation don’t know any of this, but the movie “The Lorax” is a great reminder of how important our Earth is and that this generation and the ones to come need to take care of it.

In the city of “Thneedville” everything is made out of the plastic, down to the trees, the grass, and the houses. No one finds anything wrong with this, since they have been living like this for years because all of the trees were cut down. This does not change until Ted, the main character (voiced by Zac Efron), decides to find out where he can find a living tree for his friend, Audrey (the voice of Taylor Swift). He goes to the Once-ler, the only one who supposedly knows anything about how the trees were cut down. In this fantastic, exciting movie from Dr. Seuss, Ted goes on a journey to find the last living tree to save his town.

The great plot twist is when the Once-ler (voice of Ed Helms of “The Office”) tells the story of how the trees were cut down, and how he met the Lorax. The Lorax (the voice of Danny DeVito) is the keeper of the forest and protects all of the living things in the forest. The movie is also great because the mayor of the town, Mr. O-Hare, doesn’t want any trees in the town.

There are many things that I loved about the movie, but what I loved the most was the songs. There are so many songs, the movie is almost like a musical. My favorite song is “Let it Grow.” I loved the movie even more because I got to see it in 3-D.

The message of this movie is probably the greatest part about it. Usually, movies with great messages aren’t that entertaining. This movie has the perfect balance of offering a good message to the audience while also being entertaining for the whole family. The movie tells us that we should take care of the Earth because if we don’t, our world could be permanently damaged. Don’t mess up the Earth for material things like a new hat or a car. Protect the Earth!

This movie relates a lot to “Avatar,” the movie by James Cameron. They both have great messages that have something to do with the environment. “The Lorax” is a great movie for ages 3 and up. Kids will be able to understand it easily. Even if they don’t understand it, they will have a great time listening and singing along to the various songs. And it’s even better in 3-D! “The Lorax” is a great movie for the whole family.


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    She speaks so welll…..Kudos Mari Chiles!….Will be taking my 5 year old to see it!

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