Police in Philadelphia are on the verge of throwing a murder charge at a woman who allegedly killed a London tourist by giving her illegal buttocks-enhancement injections. The woman calls herself the “Black Madam” and apparently her buttocks enhancements are all the rage in Philly, where she holds roving “pumping parties” to shoot liquids into female butts for a hefty fee.

It seems that at least once a week we come across these stories that are just too crazy to be true. This week’s entry still has us shaking our heads over here at MyBrownBaby. Granted, on its face, this might not appear to be a parenting story. But we think that if a woman found herself bent over in a random Philly hotel room with her pants around her ankles, while someone who calls herself the “Black Madam” is squatting behind the woman with a big fat needle directed at her ass, there were some serious failures that went on in that woman’s parenting. Big holes.

The “Black Madam,” also known as Padge Victoria Windslowe, 42, was arrested Wednesday night as she prepared to host a “pumping party,” according to police. After her arraignment, she was being held on $10 million bail.

Here is a more detailed description of the Black Madam’s operation, courtesy of the AP:

As part of the procedures, authorities said, Windslowe would clean the site and then inject a substance she described as silicone into the client’s buttocks. When the procedure was done, she would cover the wound with glue.

That’ right, y’all: glue.  As in Elmer’s. Or maybe Krazy Glue. For this service, the Black Madam charged anywhere from $700 to $1,800. Maybe the brand of glue accounted for the price difference?

I’m not sure how much desperation and unhappiness you’d need in your life to wind up bent over in front of the Black Madam. But I can say this: Let us all raise our babies right, with a strong dose of self-confidence and a huge dollop of self-love, so that they never wind up in a hotel room with the “Black Madam.”



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  1. The girl who died was a friend of some of the students in the college where I work. After her death they went on a campaign to educate their peers to be happy with their looks and avoid seeking such intervention. It is a very sad and shocking tale.

  2. Nick, I have to big you up – you have been picking some really great subjects to blog about the last couple of weeks. I haven’t always agreed with everything you say, but your MB pieces have been the ones I open to read first, they just draw me in. Good job!

  3. I’m so blessed that I accept myself the way God made me. And I love how I look for me. If I don’t have enough this or that to attract a man, may he move on. This woman should not have even been released on bail. Ridiculous

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