“Mirror Mirror” Is A Funny Twist On The Classic Snow White Fairy Tale

The following review was written by MyBrownBaby’s youngest contributor, 9-year-old Lila Chiles.


This movie version of “Mirror Mirror” is different than the Snow White fairytale we all know. The movie is told from the Evil Queen’s perspective instead of Snow White’s, which made it funnier because the Queen is constantly being really mean to Snow White in a funny way.

Snow’s father died, leaving her in the care of the Queen (played by Julia Roberts), who hated her most of all because the Queen is jealous of Snow’s beauty. The Queen decides to have a party to impress the young prince. To pay for it she collects taxes from the villagers. When Snow White (played by Lily Collins) finds out, she gets help from the Seven Dwarves to return the money to the villagers. The Queen kicks her out of the castle, so she goes to live with the dwarves, who teach her how to fight so that she can battle the Queen’s forces. As you can see, Snow White fighting and beating people up is very different than the fairy tale we all know. It was cool that she was strong and brave. Instead of waiting for the prince to save her, she was able to save herself and a bunch of other people too.

I think the best characters were the dwarves, who were really funny. Just like in the fairy tale, one was funny, one was angry, one was hungry, and so on.

I recommend “Mirror Mirror” for kids from age 6 to 14. But parents will enjoy it, too, because of the humor of the Queen. So go catch this movie while you can—and catch the trailer below!

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  1. Victoria Sanders

    Great review, I now plan on seeing it.
    I only hope it’s a s good as BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA!

    Write more reviews, please.


  2. Great review, Lila! My daughters and I will definitely go see this movie. Thank you.

  3. Superfantastic review. Thanks so much for the great insight Lila. I know my daughter is going to love this. When I tell her that you recommended it, she’ll be dying to see it. Hope to see more MyBrownBaby writing from you!

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