Fantasia’s Baby Weight: Cut the American Idol Some Slack, Plus, More Fresh Links

Though it’s probably too much to ask of the public to remember that celebrities don’t owe us size zero figures, but rather their talent, it would be great if more media outlets started to adopt that mentality. At the very least, they could stop calling particular attention to women five months postpartum and scrutinizing them like they’ve entered some contest where we all get a vote on what size they should be. Such is the case for Fantasia Barrino, who faced a firestorm of criticism about her weight while she performed on American Idol earlier this week—just five months after giving birth to her son. Writer Stacia L. Brown breaks down why celebrities—and women in general—are being held to ridiculous standards when it comes to losing baby weight, exclusively on Clutch.

And other Fresh Links that caught our attention this week:

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Have a fantastic weekend, sweeties—don’t eat too many ribs on Memorial Day!

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  1. No, no, no! Most women gain weight after a baby – that was not Fantasia’s issue. The issue was the vulgar outfit she wore. Stylists and friends exist for a reason and that reason is to tell you that squeezing into an 8 when you’re a 14 is not a good look. They also tell you that anyone can look at any size – Queen Latifa, Octavia Specer come to mind – if you wear proper filtting clothes and not always try to look like you “still have it” when in fact, “it” has clearly gone elsewhere. But wearing a catsuit with cutouts a corner store lace front while hundreds of millions are watching – not such a good move. There are many big, beautiful women, that night, she was not one of them. She was just gross.

  2. If Fantasia does not want to be judge anymore, feel free to opt out of the size-0/paparazzi world. She is not mandated or obligated to “Hollyweird” at all. Walmart is hiring.

    There are 1000 younger/smaller/prettier Fantasias waiting to take her place!

  3. I was not looking at her weight per se what I was looking at was the outfit, it made her look very bad. I am no size 0 and I know what compliments and what would not complement my not so flattering features. Whoever is in her circle should have told her that outfit did not compliment her post baby body!

  4. Whenever a women has a baby we all(most) have to acknowledge we are not going to be the same size, but acknowledge and enbrace the new you until you can get the old you back. This was not flatterting at all, true she doesn’t owe us anything but if I know I’m a size 14 I should know a size 8 just will not due. Whomever is in her circle should be her best cheerleader and say mmmm, that outfit doesn’t compliment you right now, let’s try soemthing else that gives off that more beautiful new glow and new figure…I’m just sayin!

  5. They have been picking on Fantasia since she won Idol. Its like damn if she does and damn if she doesn’t. I do know this…I would never ever trade places with a celebrity! Its so sad how they are treated.

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