The Cutest Babies EVER: Video Inspiration For Using Natural Baby Products, From Cara B. Naturally

I promise you, this video, entitled Bath Time, made my heart melt. Like, I-know-I-said-I-didn’t-want-any-more-babies-but-maybe-having-another-would-be-kinda-awesome-because-good-God-look-at-how-pretty-those-babies-are-and-doggonit-my-ovaries-are-weeping heart melt. Just look at those juicy little babies with those chubby little cheeks and all that beautiful natural hair. Talk about baby eye candy!

Thank CARA B Naturally, the company behind the all-natural hair and body products for newborns, babies and children. Bath Time is the first in a series of vignettes CARA B Naturally is releasing over the next few months to celebrate special, everyday moments between parents and their children, plus encourage parents of color to use all-natural products—especially on newborns, babies and children, who are more susceptible to the harmful side effects of products containing harsh chemicals.

Jacoby, Jarius, and Jahlil are the two-year-old triplets that steal the screen.  Jacoby, the oldest, referred to as “Mr. Personality” by his parents, is the one who likes to shake his hair when it’s wet. He’s also the biggest of the boys. Jarius, who sits in the middle and also is the middle child, is known for being the “bossy one,” because he’s often telling his brothers just what to do.  Jahlil, who had his hair washed the most in Bath Time is the smallest, youngest and, unfortunately for his parents, the most fearless of the three—a “climber.” Their mom, April, says her boys love bath time.

“At bath time, the triplets remind me of ducks the way they march up the stairs and run down the hall screaming “Bath! Bath!” My favorite part is watching them play together in the water. Sometimes they lay out as if they’re on the beach and splash with their feet. Sometimes they pretend to bathe each other and that’s just fun to watch. They have always loved taking a bath. I believe it’s because I’ve never rushed them in or out. I allow them to play and enjoy the water,” April says.

Bath Time is the first vignette in the series. The second, Good Mornings, will launch June 5th on CARA B Naturally’s website and Facebook pages. For both the launch of Bath Time and Good Mornings, fans who visit and comment on the Facebook page will be automatically entered to win the CARA B Naturally Bath Time Sweepstakes. Winners will be chosen to receive a complete set of the full product line.  Details about the contest are posted on the CARA B Naturally Facebook page.

In the meantime, enjoy the Bath Time video. I swear, I’ve watched it a good dozen times. Somebody better be glad you can’t reach into a computer screen and touch; I’da been squeezed those chubby little cheeks! CARA B Naturally’s new little baby eye candy—and the sweet, tender moments Jacoby, Jarius, and Jahlil share with their mom—is absolutely addictive.


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  1. Thank you. I am needing all the help i can find for my 2 year old son

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