Everybody Loves A Great Cat Viral Video: the ASPCA Promotes “Adopt A Shelter Cat” Month

I make no bones about this: I’m a dog person. My Goldendoodle, Teddy, is… everything. But before there was Teddy, before there was my Mari and Lila, before there was a Nick or a boyfriend, there was Stark and Jordan, the two sweet cats I had as pets when I was a young reporter in Albany, N.Y. One was black, the other, blonde—one was mean, the other a downright cuddly sweetie pie. I liked basketball then, so one was named for Michael Jordan, the other for former New York Knick John Starks. My cats made me… happy. And I’m thinking about them today as the ASPCA promotes “Adopt A Shelter Cat Month” with this super trippy, hysterical video, meant to encourage shelter cat adoption.

The ASPCA—also known as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals—partnered with Good Morning America’s  Dan Harris to create the video, featuring “Hover Cat,” a cat that, well, hovers. And dances. And pops it. And drops it like it’s hot! The hope is that as the video goes viral, so will shelter cat adoptions, which save scores of homeless cats who would otherwise meet an untimely death if it weren’t for the kindness of cat lovers.

So, in honor of “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month,” and my old babies Stark and Jordan, whom I (sadly) gave to a friend after my Mari was born (Stark didn’t like kids and Jordan kept jumping into my baby’s crib), MyBrownBaby presents “Hover Cat.” Watch the video. Get in a laugh or two. Then visit the ASPCA to find out how you can adopt a cat during “Adopt A Shelter Cat Month,” or how you can donate money and time to help the cause. Happy giggles—and adopting!

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