Good Black Fathers Are… Everything: Celebrating African American Dads With

I’m a Daddy’s Girl to the core—a Ride-Or-Die chick for James Millner, my father. He is not perfect. No human is. But he was absolutely the perfect father for me, and I make quick work of celebrating him and fathers just like him every chance I can. Which is why I’m so pleased to share with the MyBrownBaby audience that Atlanta Black Star, a new news site that expertly chronicles news across the African American, African and Caribbean diaspora, is devoting this entire week to celebrating Black Fatherhood and the powerful impact black fathers have had and continu to have on the black community.

Each day leading up to Father’s Day on Sunday, the Atlanta Black Star series, “Our Fathers, Our Heroes,” will focus on a particular theme that it feels encapsulates a different facet of the important work that fathers do. They kicked off the series yesterday with “Lead,” and will continue through the week with “Build,” “Provide,” “Care,” “Protect,” “Work,” and concluding on Father’s Day with “Love.”

To help tell these important stories, Atlanta Black Star, led by MyBrownBaby’s own Nick Chiles, called on a force in our community who knows, understands, loves, supports and protects black men on a daily basis: Black Women. Nick and his incredible staff asked a collection of some of the most prominent, insightful, brilliant black female writers in our community to craft pieces that honor black fathers and explore each of the series’ seven themes. The series is kicked off yesterday with former Essence magazine Editor-in-Chief Diane Weathers, who revealed the impact her stepfather had on her life and the leader he was in the community. Joyce Davis, a powerhouse editor and writer, weighs in today with an essay about fathers who sacrifice their own desires to build up their families and communities. Award-winning writer Kuwana Haulsey and Pepper Miller also will lift their mighty pens in praise of black dads and yours truly, MyBrownBaby’s editor-in-chief, Denene Millner, will end the series on Father’s Day, with a piece about black fathers and love. I don’t guess I have to tell you that praise for my Dad and for Nick, who pulls double duty as my husband and the father of my babies, will be involved.

I’m so excited about Atlanta Black Star’s celebration of Black Fatherhood, and truly look forward to reading all of the thoughtful essays some of the best Black women writers and thought leaders in the business will be offering. I do hope that you join us in the celebration. Click here to see Atlanta Black Star’s “Our Fathers, Our Heroes” series.


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