Give Your Nose A Hug: Method Dish Soap Makes Me Totally Want To Clean Stuff.

Two things my parents swore by: kids who don’t pay bills, buy groceries or have jobs should wash the dishes, and any dish that isn’t dipped in hot soapy water and washed by hand can’t possibly be clean. So yeah, I’ve been busting suds since I was tall enough to reach into the sink without a step stool—and to this day, I still believe that hand washing my wine glasses and pretty plates and fancy pots is better than popping them into a dishwasher. Especially if hot, soapy water with a smell-good dish detergent is involved. My latest obsession? Method’s Clementine dish soap.

Yes, I know. I’ve been on that Method kick for a minute now—what with the hand soap, the antibacterial all-purpose cleaner and the laundry detergent taking up residence in my cabinets. But I promise you, I’ve been sink-, bathtub- and counter-deep in Method products for five months now, and every last one of their green goodies has made me give the total side-eye to the chemicals, er, “cleaning” products I’ve been using for years.

The Clementine dish soap? Dude, it’s everything. It’s like I’m washing dishes with a sink-full of citrusy, fruity goodness—like my dish soap is totally hugging it out with my nose. Which just makes me want to wash more dishes. Which is a weird side effect I’m not so sure I actually like. Though I’m sure the hubs and my daughters appreciate this just fine. o_O

I digress.

The Method dish soap doesn’t just smell yum, it also cleans like a mother. Which was awesomely handy recently when we moved and I had to get busy washing every… last… one… of… my… fancy… pants… dishes—wine, champagne, margarita and crystal water glasses that had been sitting in my old kitchen cabinets, untouched, since Thanksgiving. A couple of squirts of my Clementine goodness got seven months worth of cabinet dust and grime off of, literally, two-and-a-half cabinets full of glasses, leaving them sparkly clean and smelling pretty. Plus, the sleek, pretty bottle looks good on my new granite countertop, the pump design gets every drop of soap out of the bottle (no standing it upside down to get the last drops) and Method’s handy refill bags let me use my bottle over and over again, reducing the amount of plastics we have to toss. Even better: Method’s Green Chefs assured me that their dish soap includes derivatives from coconut oil, aloe vera and purified water, rather than the phthalates usually found in non-green dish soaps—chemicals that could disrupt a person’s endocrine system functions. Which is, well, so not the business.

So yeah—I kicked yet another cleaning product out from under my sink to make room for more Method. The dish soap comes in all kinds of delicious scents: Pink Grapefruit, Fresh Currant, Cucumber and Ginger Yuzu. But Clementine is my joint—I’m a citrus girl. This was confirmed recently when I took Method’s “What’s Your Fragrance” Facebook Quiz and the magic method scent gods swore up and down that I’m a Ginger Yuzu fanatic—“a sophisticated creature with the tendency to be both sweet + spicy” who prefers my drinks “shaken, not stirred—always with a light citrus zest.” Word up!

Want to know what your fragrance is? Check out the “What’s Your Fragrance” Facebook Quiz to find out your signature fragrance and enter a sweepstakes to win a year’s supply of Method dish soap! Residents in the US and Canada (excluding Quebec) are eligible to enter once through the sweepstakes app on Method’s Facebook page, through August 6th.

And after you finish figuring out your scent, come back to MyBrownBaby and check out the video below—the world’s first singing video tutorial on how to give your nose a hug. Featuring Noah the Method spokessinger, a lady expertly skateboarding through a bubble-filled sink, a second lady covered in flowers and a huge nose. Don’t ask. Just watch. And then get yourself a bottle of Method dish soap and #CleanHappy

So you know: I recently partnered with Method to write about my family’s experiences with the company’s environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Yes, I’m getting a check for this. No, they’re not paying me to say nice things about their products. As always, my experiences and opinions are my own.


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  1. Welcome to a better Method for cleaning your home Denene!
    I’ve been washing my fams dishes with Method for 2 years now. The Mineral (Blue) and Cucumber (Green) are my favorites. I spied the Cucmber the other day, but was hesitant to forgo my faves, but I’ll check it out. Yeah, in our home Dawn (which my mom swore by) is done!

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