Usher Stepson Declared Brain Dead After Jet Ski Accident; Tameka Foster Raymond Is With Her Son

Our hearts go out today to Tameka Foster Raymond as she and ex-husband, R&B star Usher, hold vigil over her 11-year-old son, Kyle Glover, who was critically injured in a Jet Ski accident on Friday and is believed to be brain dead.

Kyle and an unidentified 15-year-old girl were on an inner tube being pulled by a pontoon boat in Lake Lanier when a jet ski, driven by a 38-year-old family friend, ran over them. Two Department of Natural Resources rangers who witnessed the accident saved the girl; a pair of Good Samaritans rescued Kyle. The girl was reportedly in stable condition with a broken arm and deep cuts to her head.

TMZ reports that Usher, who currently is embroiled in a nasty custody battle with Tameka over their two sons, Usher Raymond VI, 4, and Naviyd Ely, 3, put aside their differences and chartered a private jet to fly Tameka to Atlanta. She’s been by her son’s side ever since, and was joined by Usher over the weekend. Reports say Tameka and her Kyle’s father, tailor TK Glover, have yet to decide whether to take their son off life support.

While officers say alcohol was not a factor, an investigation into the accident is ongoing. Ironically, it happened the same day as a group of elected officials and local residents met to discuss ways to make boating on popular Lake Lanier more safe in the summertime. That meeting followed the high-profile June 18 deaths of two brothers, 13-year-old Griffin Prince and 9-year-old Jake Prince, who were killed when a fishing boat struck a pontoon boat driven by the boys’ father. The driver of the fishing boat was charged with boating under the influence. Boating rules under consideration include mandatory headlights for boats, additional no-wake zones, speed limits and the lowering of the blood alcohol limit for a boating under the influence charge, from .10 to .08.

But the rule changes on Lake Lanier come too late for Kyle Glover, who, today, lays in an Atlanta hospital, brain dead, with his parents by his side, waiting for a sign—praying for their child’s life. The MyBrownBaby family is praying, too, for 11-year-old Kyle, his mother, Tameka Foster Raymond, his father, Ryan Glover, his  stepdad, Usher and Kyle’s four brothers. A family day in the sun should never end this way. Ever.

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  1. Artis Harrison

    Yes, this is very sad. Parents should never outlive their children, and children should never die until they go old and gray. My heart goes out to all involved.

  2. Heartbroken. I have an 11-year old and I hugged her a little tighter at the news of this.

  3. Heartbroken beyond words. Tameka called him her “sweetest” son. The one who would do anything for his mommy. This is just devastating. I wish this had ended a different way. Continued prayers for Tameka and her family.

  4. So so sad. I hope swift action is taken to tighten up the boating safety laws. It will not bring this sweet-faced boy back, but his cruel, senseless death should send a clear message that things need to be changed NOW. I love water, I love boats, and I’m relieved to hear alcohol wasn’t involved. But it still happened, and happens too often. May his parents’ love for him unite them and give them strength.

  5. So sad! I am praying for their family. This is to show us all, that any disagreement in life is not more important than life itself.

  6. Hugged my 10 year old son’s neck so tight after hearing this sad turn of events. Prayers going up for the Foster, Glover and Raymond families.

  7. *Prayers*

  8. Gloria Lawton

    We know that our Father God is a God of miracles and what we see in the natural can turn itself around. I am praying for a miracle and have prayed for this family and hope that this will bring them closer and that they can reslove their problems peacefully and in a civil manner. I think the politicians are on the right track with figuring out the problem and bringing a resolution to it.

    Kyle keeping you in Godly prayer.

  9. JEHOVAH_Loves_Kyle

    He said to them, “Make room, for the girl is not dead but sleeping.” And they ridiculed Him. But when the crowd was put outside, He went in and took her by the hand, and the girl arose. Matthew chapter 9 verses 24-25 Pray for Kyle’s miracle!!

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