Leave Gabby Douglas Out Of Her Parents’ Money & Marriage, Plus: Other MyBrownBaby Fresh Links

First, the trainers at Gabby Douglas’ old gym complained they weren’t getting enough shine. Then, Twitter exploded with claims the Olympic gymnast’s hair wasn’t tight enough when she took home the gold. Now, this 16-year-old child is being dragged into her parents’ finances and their breakup, with the entire world, it seems, digging into her for details on her mom, Natalie Hawkins’s bankruptcy and her dad, Timothy Douglas’ failure to pay child support. My question is this: when do we get this child out of her parents’ grown-folk affairs and get back to interviewing her about  that which she knows: gymnastics? (The Griot)

And other MyBrownBaby Fresh links we loved this week:

1. Deep sigh. George Zimmerman will seek to have second-degree murder charges dismissed under Florida’s “stand your ground” law in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. (ABC News)

2. How To Be A (Childless) Friend To A New Mom (Clutch)

3. Black men aren’t the only ones suffering under New York City’s onerous stop-and-frisk policy. For Women in Street Stops, Deeper Humiliation (New York Times)

4. For my true lovers of music—the classic soul and Hip Hop heads—you MUST read this piece. And get your kids. Who Says Old School’s Not Cool? A writer explores if classic music can really stand the test of time in this digital age. (The Root)

5. Chris Rock stopped by “The Daily Show” and bonded with Jon Stewart over an unexpected peril of raising kids as a celebrity. As Chris put it, “My kids are rich. I have nothing in common with them!” Chris went on to say that he thinks his kids, and his whole “rich-a** neighborhood,” should be sent to summer camp in Harlem, where people would beat them up and take their lunch money on a daily basis. (AOL)

6. ‘Dream Big’ Project Casts Kids As Pop-Culture Icons (HuffPo)

And finally, my friends over at Black and Married With Kids, interviewed me about my new book, Sparkle, my passion for writing, and the advice I have for young writers who want to pen their own books. Filmmaker Lamar Tyler shot this video of me out in Piedmont Park here in Atlanta—making me look all fly and stuff. Check out the video and go on over to Black and Married With Kids to show the Lamar and his lovely wife, Ronnie, some love! (Black and Married With Kids)

Enjoy the video, please don’t forget to buy a copy—or two!—of  Sparkle: A Novel, and have a fantastic weekend!

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