Doug E. Fresh Gives the Blogalicious12 Crew The Blueprint To “This Is How You Dougie” (VIDEO)

Okay, so I warned everyone, like, a full week in advance that when it comes to old school hip hop, I don’t know how to act and that I fully intended to lose my doggone mind when Doug E. Fresh performed at the closing Blogalicious12 party at the Red Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Let’s just say, I didn’t disappoint. I adore Doug E. Fresh because he reps all that’s right and righteous about pure hip hop; his music is fun, intelligent, nostalgic. Awesome. And I knew that once I elbowed… er… made my way to the front of the stage, he was going to put on a show that I was going to enjoy. What made it even better? My homegirls Christie Crowder of Chatterbox and Stacey Ferguson, founder of Blogalicious, the two women in the room who love hip hop as much as I do,  were right there by my side, screaming all the words, chanting, “Go Doug E.!” and wopping it out until our necks were sore.

Somehow, between all the dancing and screaming, I was able to focus my camera long enough to capture Doug E. teaching the Blogalicious crew how to Dougie—the dance craze immortalized by Cali District Swag in their song, “Teach Me How To Dougie,” a homage to the hip hop legend. My apologies for all the “Go Doug E.!” screaming I was doing while my man was dancing. I couldn’t help myself. Enjoy!

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Denene Millner

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  1. LOVE it! I was just a babe when Doug E. was on the scene but I remember dancing with my uncles or older cousins. Everyone wanted to be them, dress like them and just be cool. I love original hip hop! You’re so right about it making you just feel good. You can’t help but dance and smile.

    FYI, Doug E. Fresh makes for a great running mix!!

  2. this is the most awesome piece of entertainment at 2 am! Yes all over again!

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