Erykah Badu’s Baby Girl Is Adorbs, Plus: the 12/12/12 Baby & Kiddie Race Talks

I know. Fridays at MyBrownBaby are usually reserved for something a little deeper than pictures of celebrity babies. But it’s late. I’ve been working all day and late into the night. And this is all I got: a pretty picture of Erykah Badu’s pretty little baby, Mars, with a head full of little black girl curls. Enjoy the picture, courtesy of her daddy, Jay Electronica, who tweeted it the other day. (Shout out to Black Girl With Long Hair for spotting it.)

And other stories we found interesting, thoughtful, relevant and MyBrownBaby Fresh:

1. The School-to-Prison Pipeline Gets Its First-Ever Airing in the Senate (Colorlines)
2. Black Women and the Fiscal Cliff: What It Means for Us (Clutch)
3. Mother Trumps 12/12/12 Weddings By Having Baby At 12:12 On 12/12/12 After 12-Hour Labor (Mommyish)
4. The Internet Has Colossally Changed The Adoption Experience As We Know It (New York Times)
5. How to Protect Against the Dangers of Mobile Apps That Gather Kids’ Data (PBS News Hour)
6. Understanding How Children Develop Empathy (New York Times)
7. Talking to toddlers about race and tolerance (Southern California Public Radio)
8. Be Bro-Choice: A Public Service Announcement from Sarah Silverman (Funny or Die) <–HILARITY!

And, finally, in the video below, three young poets, Kai Davis, Hiwot Adilow and Telia Allmond, recite a poem about their experience as light skinned women. An eye-opening take. Watch this. Doggonit, just watch.

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  1. The baby is beautiful, but Erykah tweeted that she was mad that Jay shared the photo. She didn’t want the picture out and now it’s everywhere. They need to contact Deesha so she can school them in co-parenting 101!

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