I adore Erykah Badu for so many reasons: dope music, country girl swagger, performance gangsta, natural girl goodness, goofy middle school boy humor, those bomb “Window Seat,” “Other Side Of the Game,” and “Out My Mind” videos. Plus, your girl is a certified doula. She helps mothers bring life into this world, yo. And that gives us some idea of the passion she has for motherhood, healthy births and beautiful babies—a passion after my own heart. But just when I think I can’t love her any more, I stumble across her Vine videos. Hidden in plain sight on the social media’s channel under the moniker, “Manuela Maria Mexico,” Badu’s micro-videos are a jumble of nutty, mind-bending, artistic and spiritual goodness that make you giggle, think, and marvel. I’m particularly drawn to the videos of Erykah Badu’s kids, Mars, Puma and Seven, which give a window into her delicious mom heart. Check out the awesome that’s Mama Erykah Badu.











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Denene Millner

Mom. NY Times bestselling author. Pop culture ninja. Unapologetic lover of shoes, bacon and babies. Nice with the verbs. Founder of the top black parenting website, MyBrownBaby.


  1. too adorable. looks like my house except more kiddo craziness. i tell mine line up for a kissathon…but they dont line up they run and i attack…lol

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