Kim Kardashian and Her Expanding Pregnant Belly: Um, She’s SUPPOSED To Get Bigger. Geez.

Trust: Never in a gazillion years did I ever think I’d be defending Kim Kardashian—she who came up on a bad sex tape with Brandy’s little brother, got filthy rich off her trysts with ballers, made a mockery of marriage with her nationally-televised nuptials that ended practically before the ink could dry on the certificate, and who literally wallows in the filth and muck of the paparazzi lights. But good God, ever since the queen of the E! network’s mindless reality TV programming got pregnant with Kanye West’s baby, crazy talk surrounding Kardashian has reached a harsh new low, with tabloids and blogs calling this woman carrying a baby in her belly… wait for it… fat.

At the grocery store, a Star magazine cover story of the 5-month pregnant Kardashian cloaked in what appears to be a really unfortunate and unflattering clingy black and white dress claimed she’s gained 65 lbs binging on pasta, cake and ice cream and that her famous booty now looks like a “sagging, dimply blob.”  Except the picture they showed was shot from a crazy angle that made her look huge—despite that photos shot from opposite angles showed she’s actually much smaller. Another story over on the Daily Mail caught flicks of Kardashian rocking a white pencil skirt and promptly, offensively said the zipper running the length of her derriere is “the hardest working zipper in showbiz.” And, of course, rumors abound that Kris Jenner, Kim’s momager, already is shopping a $4 million post-pregnancy weight loss deal for her daughter, who’ll surely need a fat intervention from a major company a la Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson after she gives birth. Even the slightly kinder, more gentler blogs are dismissing her claims of exercising and healthy eating as just her way of desperately trying to stave off the pregnancy pounds.

Seriously, it’s fat-shaming at its finest. A rather disgusting display of it that’s getting on my doggone nerves.

I mean, it’s painfully clear that these tabloids and websites equate Kim’s coveted curves with fatness. Baby’s got back and hips and breasts for days—the kind that we celebrate with abandon in black pop culture, but that gets dismissed amidst the Twiggy ideal that continues to rule mainstream fashion and beauty magazines, runways and our celeb-obsessed media. They’ve been waiting for the chance to call this woman a cow, despite that she’s a petite and uber sexy 5’ 2” “exotic” bombshell. And now that Kim’s pregnant, they’ve got their in.

Except in constantly harping on Kim Kardashian’s weight—How much has she gained? How awful will she look in her clothes? How hard will she have to work out at the gym to avoid looking like Shamu the Whale? How is it that she looks like she’s carrying twins in her ass?—these stupid gossip rags are not only being vicious to the reality TV star, they’re tearing pregnant women to shreds.

Newsflash: women who are carrying humans in their bellies gain weight. Sometimes a lot of it. There’s the baby, the placenta, the amniotic fluid, the increase in blood volume, abdominal muscle, skin and connective tissue around the growing belly and an enlarged uterus and breasts that pack on the pounds. And yes, there’s the weight that comes from eating extra and the reduction in activity as it becomes a little more challenging to move. It happens because, again, there’s a human in your body.

So excuse the hell out of Kim Kardashian and every other pregnant woman who doesn’t fit into the runway-ready ideal these tabloids and blogs and paparazzi fools expect. How about everybody just back off already and let this woman—and the rest of pregnant moms-to-be—enjoy her pregnancy, sans the ridiculously unrealistic expectations these foolish stories heap on not only celebrities but the regular, average, everyday women who carry the babies and bring life into this, our world. Recognize pregnancy and the bodies that create life for what they are: miracles.


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Denene Millner

Mom. NY Times bestselling author. Pop culture ninja. Unapologetic lover of shoes, bacon and babies. Nice with the verbs. Founder of the top black parenting website, MyBrownBaby.


  1. Amen Denene! I’m not a Kim fan, but this is simply a ridiculous use of media voice.

  2. She’s still married..So too bad she’s being called Fat..but um…You are married having another mans baby, so if her divorce isn’t final when she gives birth, technically she has to put her HUSBANDS name on the Birth Certificate…

    • Denene@MyBrownBaby

      I’m pretty sure that birth certificates require the names of the mother and the father. In this case, Kanye West would be on the baby’s birth certificate.

      Also, I’m not so sure I would stop my whole life and willingness to love while the man I was married to, for years, stalled the divorce proceedings. Life goes on.

      • Life does go on, counter to what many think divorces often take a lot of time. Mine dragged on for several years and everyone I know who has divorced in the past couple of years had to wait a good year or more for the process to be complete.

        Back to the piece though, I am not a Kim fan but she is a curvy girl to begin with so of course she is going to get bigger. She looks like a perfectly perfect pregnant woman. My only thoughts have been that some of the outfits she has been wearing aren’t as becoming as they could be but really we all have those days.

      • In some states the husband’s name automatically goes on the birth certificate whether he’s the father or not.

    • So i’d just like to be clear- it’s okay, or at least understandable, that people are calling her “fat” because she’s pregnant while (technically) married to another man, although she was, at the very least, legally and openly separated prior to her pregnancy?

      Even if the technicality of the law states that her husband is on the certificate, we all know who the father is, so…I don’t understand where you’re going with this.

      From what I have seen, and continue to see, people who didn’t like her anyway and who thought her body a little too “manufactured” are excited about the prospect of her looking less than perfect, and as Denene said, looking “fat” (even though she’s pregnant with a tiny frame that was going to show everything anyway), since that’s such an easy insult for a woman.

    • You do not have to put a father on there if you don’t want

  3. I don’t like Kim K but no pregnant woman should be subjected to this. I saw a pic of her (in that unfortunate black and white dress) and Shamu. That is so disrespectful! We may not agree with her choices in life, but she is nuturing a new life and that needs to be respected. Poor Kimmie.

  4. And the bigger issue–why are we still not accepting of our different body types? In Europe, they tend to be fitter than we are but also more comfortable overall. We could take a lesson or two from their playbook.

  5. I Agree Denene,
    I’m not a Kim K fan either but everytime a celebrity gets pregnant they throw it way out of proportion. First it was Beyonce who according to tabloids never was pregnant and lost all her baby fat which made it even more suspicious to people. Now Kim K’s uterus is on display… ummm hello they are real people, real women, with real lives no matter how we see them in the fast life. No woman should be subject to this disrespect, we as women already feel somewhat self concious and unattractive at some point while bringing life into this world… I think they rock the baby bump with style and sexiness!

  6. I can’t stand Kim. But I am sick of our country acting like a woman can’t even gain weight to carry a child. What is wrong with all different shapes and sizes? Our obsession with weight is so unhealthy. I will never be a skinny stick and I am fine with that.

  7. KK looks cute in this pic. All her other maternity outfits have been unflattering, imo.

  8. why are some pepoel jelous when it comes to the kadashian farmily. is it wrong gaining some weight when pregnan? kim is nomore alone but two now! we all know kim is so sweet in her pregnancy.

  9. I so agree! I don’t have feelings on Kim K. one way or the other, but people are being just plain rude!

  10. Frankly I am tired of hearing or reading all about this pregnancy. I wish her the best. I think a lot of what we read about her that is negative is written by people that work for her so that folks will feel sorry for her.

  11. I’m glad someone has the guts to say it. I wish the media would leave Kim alone. Let this woman enjoy being pregnant and bringing a new life in the world. And speaking of her past…let him without sin cast the first stone. I bet in many were to open their closet door, hundreds of bones would fall out.

  12. I agree. The criticism is getting old and out of hand. I don’t agree with her fashion choices, but who am I??? I actually love the pictures of her on the beach.

  13. Preach, Miss Denene! I’m no fan of Kardashian anything but when I saw all the nasty things being said about Kim, I thought about my mom to be friends and thought “They are going to hear these things and attribute it to themselves so I make it a point to tell them how gorgeous they are.They complain about the weight gain and I’m like “That’s normal during pregnancy”. My friends remind me that when I was pregnant,I didn’t look it and I remind them every pregnancy is different! I hate what media is doing to regular moms/moms to be.

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