Michelle Obama Hits Her Dougie With MyBrownBaby In Her “Let’s Move” Google+ Hangout (Video)

Michelle Obama celebrated the third anniversary of her landmark anti-child obesity program, “Let’s Move,” by participating in her first Google+ Hangout chat—and MyBrownBaby was right there with her, talking creative ways to get our kids moving, remembering childhood games like Double Dutch and Skellies, and even helping the First Lady Of the United States hit her Dougie.

The hour-long Google+ Hangout, hosted by Kelly Ripa, featured questions from a panel of parents, fitness experts and even a classroom of third graders, who showed Mrs. Obama what they were having for lunch and asked her what her favorite dance is. I got to pose three questions; the one that meant the most to me involved asking the First Lady how parents who live in unsafe neighborhoods can get their kids moving out in the fresh air, even when they stand in fear of the dangers that come with urban living. Her answer was everything.

Mrs. Obama was, as expected, gracious, kind, thoughtful and fun. I promise you, when she encouraged us to Dougie, I cracked up and did a mental check-off of this line on my Bucket List: Do A Wicked Mom Dance With Michelle Obama. SCORE!

Here, I present Michelle Obama’s Google+ Hangout chat in its entirety. Enjoy!


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Denene Millner

Mom. NY Times bestselling author. Pop culture ninja. Unapologetic lover of shoes, bacon and babies. Nice with the verbs. Founder of the top black parenting website, MyBrownBaby.


  1. Hi Denene,
    That is a great question. In fact, that is the primary reason I’m watching this. Thank for repping for folks who are often marginalized and unheard. Some of these ideas around help are just not practical for many low income families.

    I hope this helps.

  2. Great questions, D—especially your follow-up question. Thank you for opting out of the standard smile-and-nod and engaging in a real discussion about real issues that affect everyday people. MUCH appreciated, love!

  3. You did a great job! I would have been sitting there with my mouth open! I posted about this today and shouted you out! I think this is a great movement to get parents and schools thinking!

  4. Dear Mrs. Millner,
    I taught fifth grade for over 23 years until health problems kept me from teaching. Since I have dedicated what time I have left on trying to give children the same chances in school that I received. Here in TX we are doing a terrible wrong to our children’s natural math development. K-4 teachers are forced to spend little time on the fluency skills of the basics in math. So they focus on strictly counting by ones and then come test time they make the kids draw stick figures or other ways to prove their answers. The results are that the scores are really good at the elementary level but then when they get to middle and high school they have no foundation (fluency in basics) to comprehend higher level math. This is so wrong and unfair to students and the scores are a complete lie to parents. Now that we have new research results on how the brains natural development occurs it shows how critically hindering our style is to a child’s own growth. Do you realize that a brain has the most academic synapses during the years 3-9, we have school on 36% of the days during this most critical stage of development. Do you realize that simple and quick daily 10minute “brain workouts will double or triple the synapses growth? Do you realize that if unused synapses die. Do you realize on average a elementary student looses 20-25% of math fluency each summer? Why is this not the discussion. This is how Parents + Teachers must learn to work together. Just so you know that I am not some lazy complaining teacher, I was awarded “Teacher of the Year “, in Wichita ks in 1985 and was asked to speak at the Texas annual Superintendent and Principal meetings in 92 on fluency development. Since leaving teaching my one and only goal is to inform media and parents about the new science info and to show them how they, in ten minutes a day can, instead of hindering the brain’s natural growth they can double or triple. Imagine if we only got parents to do the daily workouts just during the summer, the program we did last summer showed an average of over 100% in the 60-70 kids we worked with. Every has no problem blaming teachers but if we focus on how parents can help in a easy was on fluency then we can see what our teachers can really do. I so wish that we could talk but not to sound mean it has been my experience that the media really does not care enough about giving solutions as much as placing blame. I have so many ideas how we could get the word out AND provide parents free support. This MUST be our first goal, a weak foundation only leads to cracks and weakness. PLEASE take the time to have someone on your staff look at the research video from the Charlie Rose “Brain series”, on the home pg of funDUHmentals1st.com. I am not asking for attention what so ever my two goals are; !) Let parents know about how they can make a critical difference in their child’s life and 2) so my 17 year son that I did not waste my last few years trying to help people who do not care. I want him to know that if anyone cares enough about something if they keep trying they CAN make a difference.
    Kurt kerns

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