It’s storming outside, I overslept, I’ve gained seven (!) pounds since I stopped working out to take on an extra job, Christmas is only two weeks away and I haven’t even begun to make it through my list, I signed up to help with a holiday charity event that, in reality, I really don’t have time to help with, my “To Do” list is about as long as my waist is wide and hell, it’s Monday. But you know what? These are First World problems. The truth is I have a roof over my head, a beautiful family that loves me no matter what I’m looking like, I’m blessed to be able to make money to keep my babies clothed and fed and God saw fit to let me see another day. So I’ve decided that today, I’m going to kick stress square in the ass and get to happy. My soundtrack? Pharrell’s “Happy” video, the 24-hour spectacle that just lifts and shines and bursts into a chorus of soul claps and giggles.

Yes, you read that right: the video, a send-up for the theme song to Despicable Me 2, is 24 hours long. We’re not sure why, but it’s most definitely delicious—full of celebrity cameos (Jamie Foxx, Magic Johnson, Steve Carrell, Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator and Kelly Osbourne, to name a few), awesome and weird dancing from a bunch of awesomely creative and really random people dancing in cameras set up in streets, diners, bowling alleys and the like all around Los Angeles, and, of course, the cutie pie who’s long been my boyfriend in my head, Pharrell, dancing and singing and clapping his hands and looking handsome and juicy and… well… happy.

The video lives on the website; there, it sets the clip at a time corresponding to the local time of the viewer, and gives you the ability to fast-forward, rewind and skip around. I haven’t had the chance to watch that joint in its entirety (NME’s “We Watched Pharrell Williams’ 24-Hour ‘Happy’ Video So You Don’t Have To” gives an hilarious Cliffnotes guide to the day-long affair); I caught the four-minute version, which you watch up top, on an episode of 106th & Park last week, but I’m so going to dip in and out of the video today just to keep myself pumped up for a week that I’ve decided in my head will be a good week because I’ve made up my mind, like Pharrell instructed, to just get “Happy.”

Let’s do this together!

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