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Yes, lovelies: MyBrownBaby is teaming up with the gloriously gorgeous site, mater mea, to do what we both do best: show the beauty, complexity, strength and awesome of Black moms and our children. I’ve long admired the profiles and delicious photos with which mater mea founder Anthonia Akitunde fills her site, so much so that I regular stalk the pages, admiring all that the features have to offer: an inside look at incredible sisters sharing their parenting philosophies while giving us an intimate peek into their homes. The bonus: we get to see some pretty incredible fashion, beauty and home decor. Score!

Anthonia graciously agreed to share highlights of her favorite profiles here on MyBrownBaby. Every Wednesday, we’ll feature a mater mea photo and quote right here on MyBrownBaby, with a link to the full profile at Anthonia’s site. First up is Karen Tappin Hall, creator of Karen’s Body Beautiful, photographed by J. Quazi King. Enjoy!

mater mea: How has being a mom changed your life?

Karen Tappin Hall: I now am totally focused on someone else, not [just] myself. I drive slower, I think about all the things my mother taught me just growing up. I mean the things people say about the way it changes your life, a lot of it is true.

[Though] the nurturing kind of stuff didn’t really jump out, I have no regrets whatsoever. She’s a beautiful child, very well-behaved. She’s smart. She’s four, she’s reading and her math is at a second-grade level. She’s healthy, I couldn’t ask for a better human being to be given to me.

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This photo and quote was reprinted with permission from mater mea.

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  1. Thank you for running this series! It is so inspiring to see these amazing moms.

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