Veronica Valentine for mater mea

Today on MyBrownBaby, we celebrate Mater Mea mom Veronica Valentine, a buyer for heritage jeweler, CIRCA. She was photographed by J. Quazi King for Mater Mea. Enjoy!

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Veronica Valentine: “You totally can have it all. As a woman I feel that we were made to be able to do it all. We were made to be able to bring life, to have children. We were also made to be emotional creatures. But [with] the way our brains work, we’re [also] able to do the same work as men.”

mater mea: What kind of women do you hope [Mila] will grow up to be?

VV: I already know she’s going to be amazing and talented. I would want her to know that she’s all those things. I would want her to know that she’s everything and that she can have everything as long as she believes in it.

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This photo and quote was reprinted with permission from mater mea. Read and see the rest of
Veronica Valentine’s beautiful profile here.

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