Understand this: I do more before 10 a.m. than most (normal) people do all day.  At least that’s what it feels like, especially when I’m awakened from a sound sleep (consisting of only about five hours) with a thwack on my foot and a “Mommy, can you do my hair?” and, “Mommy, do you have money for lunch?” and, “Mommy, did you wash my soccer uniform?” and, “Mommy, where’s my other sneaker?” and then it’s off to the races, with me groggy and bleary-eyed, stumbling around the house trying to get my kids ready for school and myself ready for everything else. There’s blogging to do and social media accounts to manage and freelance stories to pen and interviews to conduct and business calls to take and, oh, I’m writing another book. No. 23. The grind is real, y’all.

Somewhere in there, I’ve got to find my sanity. A little “me” time to get me through. Most days, I find that me time at the gym, where I’ve been working hard with my trainer, Cliff Boyce, to get my body right and tight and my up my metabolism so that I can keep up with my crazy schedule. I also find that sanity at the bottom of a coffee cup—light and extra sweet. If I don’t have my coffee, a big bowl of fruit and my workout first thing in the morning? Oh, it’s a situation. Everybody is clear.

But dig it: you know what would totally set off my daily grind? FREE coffee. Because FREE just makes everything better. That’s why over the next two weeks, I’ll be taking my “coffee hour”—which is way more like “coffee minutes” in MyBrownBaby Daily Grind Land—at McDonald’s®, which recently announced the launch of Free McCafé® Coffee Week. This national initiative is offering customers a free small cup of McCafé® coffee every day during breakfast hours from March 31 to April 13, 2014, at participating McDonald’s® restaurants.

What? FREE coffee? And there’s a McDonald’s® on my route to and from the school and the gym? And I actually like the rich medium roasted flavor of McCafé® Coffee?

Oh, it’s on.

I’m going to get mine. Go get yours! Remember, the morning isn’t just a start to the day; it’s an opportunity to embrace the possibilities that come with waking up and heading back into the world. Even better if you have a little coffee in you, made just like you like it. Stop by your local McDonald’s® and pick up a free small cup of McCafé® Coffee from March 31-April 13, 2014.

* * *

This post is brought to you by McDonald’s®. I’ve partnered with them to spread the word about Free McCafé® Coffee Week, happening March 31 through April 13 at all participating McDonald’s® restaurants in the U.S.  Stay up to date on Free McCafé® Coffee Week via @McDonalds and @McCafe on Twitter.  All opinions and stories are my own.

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  1. I just marked these dates off on my calendar like it was a vacation. Clearly I love coffee and I need a some down time. Light and sweet rocks!

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