Black Mothers Of Slain Sons

I’ve written plenty about my love of art in general and art that makes a statement in particular, and, certainly, the importance of the messages that seep into the music, writings and paintings of, by and about our people. Which is why I’m so pleased to share this mixed media piece by Jeromyah Jones, a 25-year-old artist based in Richmond, VA. Entitled “Black Sheep Are Not Always Bad,” Jeromyah’s artwork depicts four iconic Black mothers of slain sons: Mamie Till, mom of Emmett Till; Sybrina Fulton, mom of Trayvon Martin; Lesley McSpadden, mom of Michael Brown and; Gwen Carr, mom of Eric Garner. Together, on that frame filled with blood, sorrow, carcasses and killers, the mothers, Jeromyah told me, “represent 400 years of the black tear.” Adds the artist:

The image and poem I’ve created could help society clearly see the pain that comes after these events and yet the power the mothers still possess in order to fight for justice. It speaks directly to the times we are facing.


The poem etched on the work, “Black Sheep Are Not Always Bad,” is below. See more of Jeromyah’s beautiful work on the website he shares with his father and fellow artist, Jerome W. Jones, Jr., at

God bless Ms. Till, Ms. Fulton, Ms. McSpadden and Ms. Carr.

* * *


Black sheep are not always bad
But for some reason they all end up sad
Reasons known are not always sown,
The enemy loves to fight when the shepherd is gone.
How long shall mothers weep,
Watching blood drip from their slaughtered sheep?
I see my brothers lying by the roadside
And folks passing by like reality died!
I guess Target is no longer just the name of a store,
It’s anyone who is seen as having too much Black in store…

© 2015 Jeromyah Jones

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