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What Will I Tell My Son? Parenting In the Age of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown

As the Eric Garner grand jury decision winds its way through the news, one mom contemplates what her fear means for her biracial son.

– Dec 4, 2014

For Trayvon Martin & Michael Brown: A Black Teen Girl On Why Their Lives Mattered

As we grapple with the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, a 15-year-old girl wonders when she will be free of the fear and worry born from hate.

– Sep 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Trayvon Martin: We Remember and Celebrate You

Happy Birthday, Trayvon Martin. We will NEVER forget you.

– Feb 5, 2014

Tasteless, Racist Trayvon Martin Costumes: What Better Not Show Up On My Stoop This Halloween

Kids, freaks, racists and fools love them some Halloween, but this photo of two ignoramuses in Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman costumes, replete with blackface, a bloody sweatshirt, a gun and giggles, made me see stars, stripes, thunderclouds and lightening.

– Oct 28, 2013

‘Stand Your Ground’ Ad: Trayvon Martin Shooting, 911 Call, Re-Enacted In Anti-Gun Law Appeal

A gun reform advocacy group is taking aim at Stand Your Ground laws nationwide by pushing a chilling ad reenacting the last moments of Trayvon...

– Aug 21, 2013

EBONY’s ‘We Are Trayvon Martin’ Covers: Spike, D Wade, Boris Kodjoe Pay Tribute

Today, we give EBONY magazine a MyBrownBaby salute for tapping Spike Lee, Boris Kodjoe, Dwyane Wade and their sons, all dressed in hoodies, to illustrate...

– Aug 7, 2013

In Trayvon Martin’s Name: Words, Art and Music Inspired By the Death of the Son We All Call Our Own

Some of the finest of art is painted with the broad colors of our pain: Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit,” would not have existed if not...

– Jul 17, 2013

Trayvon Martin’s Parents are Still Co-Parenting—Through Death and Zimmerman’s Trial

By DEESHA PHILYAW A friend recently sent me an MSNBC article about Trayvon Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, and the trial of George...

– Jun 17, 2013

George Zimmerman’s Trial: Finally, Justice For Trayvon Martin—Thanks To Many

Just over a year ago, I stumbled across a press conference announcement by a couple that was trying to draw attention to both the shooting...

– Jun 10, 2013

A Year Later, Trayvon Martin Stays Lodged in the Psyche of Black Parents

By NICK CHILES It’s been a year since Trayvon Martin pierced our consciousness. So many brutal, unforgettable stories have shocked our senses since last February....

– Feb 25, 2013