To the Lady Who Called My Toddler a ‘Thug.’

Stereotyping Black boys, even toddlers, comes a tad too easy for some, as discovered by this white mom of a Black son.

– Apr 7, 2015

Kelly Rowland On Motherhood, Baby Weight and the Anxiety of Raising a Black Son (VIDEO)

Welcoming Kelly Rowland to the MyBrownBaby circle as she shares her motherhood journey.

– Apr 3, 2015

“Mommy, why can’t I fly?” How to Not Let Real Limitations Stop our Babies From Dreaming

Hopped up on "Tinkerbell" flicks, this mom's toddler thinks she can fly—until she realizes she can't. What this mother says to help her understand will melt your heart.

– Apr 2, 2015

Black Boy Childhood: When Birthdays—And Race—Steal Innocence

Black boy childhood flies by all-too-quickly when race steals the innocence of children of color—and this mother is worried about it.

– Apr 1, 2015

Young, Gifted & Black: My Promise To Support My Children In School and Beyond

My daughters are young, gifted & Black because they do their part in the classroom. But as their mom, I have to play my part, too.

– Mar 26, 2015

8 Ways Raising a Toddler Is Like a Hostage Negotiation with a Highly Unstable Person

Raising a toddler means accepting that they’re pissed off even when you give them exactly what they want.

– Mar 23, 2015

When Is It Okay To Let Girls Wear Makeup?

In the MyBrownBaby household, one need not even ask until high school—and even then is questionable.

– Mar 18, 2015

Ashy Knees and Dry Hair: When Mixed Children Grooming Raises Eyebrows Abroad

Mixed children grooming becomes all the more precarious in foreign countries where racial stigmas aren't as obvious as here in America.

– Mar 17, 2015

Nurturing A Child’s Passion: Why I Stopped Caring About the Stuff My Kid Does Well

As tempting as it is to push our kids into things they're good at, nurturing a child's passion is much more important to helping them excel.

– Mar 4, 2015