Living Up To the Millner Name, In Honor Of My Daddy, Who Inspires

When it comes to the "Millner" name, I've used my by-line to celebrate my father and his insistence that I excell—by any means necessary.

– Feb 5, 2015

Crazy Eyes Uzo Aduba: If You Can Say ‘Tchaikovsky,’ You Can Pronounce My Name (VIDEO)

Crazy Eyes Uzo Aduba has a darn good reason why you should be able to pronounce her name.

– Jan 28, 2015

Dove’s ‘Love Your Curls’ Film Perfect For Black Girls With Natural Hair

Love Your Curls, Dove's new film encouraging natural hair love, is the perfect self-esteem boost for Black girls.

– Jan 21, 2015

Kick the Blues in 2015: Laughter Is the Best Medicine

After sadness and anger muddied 2014, 2015 is the perfect time to recognize that laughter is the best medicine.

– Jan 7, 2015

Kanye West’s Only One: Connecting Our Children With Grandparents Who’ve Passed

The new Kanye West 'Only One' song tore me to pieces—and reminded me to show off memories of my mother to my girls.

– Jan 5, 2015

What I’m Not Carrying Into 2015 (and You, Mom, Shouldn’t Either)

A mother considers what raising a fearless child means when her daughter takes on one of her phobias.

Love & Renewal: What My Daddy Taught Me After Mom Passed Away

I expected my father to need a lot of hand-holding at our first holiday dinner after mom died. Boy, was I wrong.

– Dec 16, 2014

What Will I Tell My Son? Parenting In the Age of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown

As the Eric Garner grand jury decision winds its way through the news, one mom contemplates what her fear means for her biracial son.

– Dec 4, 2014

There’s Hope: How to Transform the Lives of Black Boys

David Banks, author of a new book about educating and inspiring Black boys, says they can find success—with our help.

– Nov 18, 2014

Train Up a Child In the Way He Should Go: Teaching & Learning In Motherhood

Learning how to train up a child in the way he should go is learned on the job. You learn as you go. You go as you learn. Sometimes you get it wrong.