Road Tripping With Kids: Leading an Adventurous Life with 3 Children, in 3 Cities, in 3 Years

By DOMINIQUE CLAYTON I’ve always been a busy body. Restless, imaginative, outgoing and fearless. I left home at 17 to go to college across the...

– May 19, 2015

What To Expect When Girls Hit Puberty: You. Will. Deal. [Digging In the MBB Crates]

You kinda know what to expect when girls hit puberty, but it's hard to prepare yourself for this one true thing: you'll be as emotional as they are.

– May 18, 2015

Daddy’s Girl: 4 Ways Fathers Can Raise Stronger Girls

A chance comment in the toy store got this father thinking about how our culture shames women and how he wants his daddy's girls to grow up.

– May 12, 2015

The Beauty—and Crazy—Of Being a New Mom: An #MBIBMoms Twitter Chat with MyBrownBaby

Join us as we talk about the joys, fears and beauty of new motherhood!

– May 5, 2015

Child, Please: How Mama’’s Old-School Lessons Helped Me Check Myself Before I Wrecked Myself (Excerpt)

Black girls already have the challenge of overcoming the baggage that comes with having booties and boobies. But what's a mom to do when her daughter is born with straight hair?

– May 5, 2015

The Greatest Gift A Parent Could Give To a Child: In God (and Mommy/Daddy) She Trusts

How one dad's mission to put a little sweetness in his child's hand inspired a mom to give her daughter the gift of trust.

Five Lessons Learned From the First Year of Mommyhood

Lessons for first time mothers are hard won, but this mom's experience sheds some light on what to expect.

– Apr 21, 2015

The Teen Who Begged to Be Adopted Has a Forever Family

Celebrate! The teen who begged to be adopted has a new family—the social worker who's handled his case for a decade.

– Apr 15, 2015

Why I Buy Black Children’s Books by Black Authors and Why You Should Too

Integrating children's bookshelves since 2001.

– Apr 14, 2015

Toddler Talk: What You Say vs. What Your Toddler Hears

Toddler talk is a complex language that dictates that what we say is pretty much exactly the opposite of what our babies hear.

– Apr 8, 2015