Love & Renewal: What My Daddy Taught Me After Mom Passed Away

I expected my father to need a lot of hand-holding at our first holiday dinner after mom died. Boy, was I wrong.

– Dec 16, 2014

What Will I Tell My Son? Parenting In the Age of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown

As the Eric Garner grand jury decision winds its way through the news, one mom contemplates what her fear means for her biracial son.

– Dec 4, 2014

There’s Hope: How to Transform the Lives of Black Boys

David Banks, author of a new book about educating and inspiring Black boys, says they can find success—with our help.

– Nov 18, 2014

Train Up a Child In the Way He Should Go: Teaching & Learning In Motherhood

Learning how to train up a child in the way he should go is learned on the job. You learn as you go. You go as you learn. Sometimes you get it wrong.

Parenting While Unemployed: Learning To Conquer Doubt and Be Inspired

One mom chronicles the serious challenges she faces while searching for a job, among them, finding the strength to parent through unemployment.

– Nov 3, 2014

Suffer the Little Children: the Effect of Domestic Violence On Kids

It's not just battered moms who get hurt: the effects of domestic violence on children are real—and long lasting.

– Oct 29, 2014

New Study Says Labor Pains Don’t Hurt As Much As We Remember. Moms Everywhere Want To Shank Them In the Gut.

Do labor pains hurt? A new study says it's not as bad as moms think. We think the researchers should go into hiding now.

– Oct 17, 2014

Lupita Nyong’o’s Sesame Street Turn Helped My Daughter Discover Her Brown Skin

When Lupita Nyong'o tells Elmo she loves her brown skin, a little girl and her mother learn something special about themselves.

– Sep 25, 2014

A Biracial Mom Asks: What Do I Do When Black Relatives Pressure Me To Spank?

What's a white mom to do when her biracial toddler starts acting up in front of the Black side of the family that believes in spanking?

– Sep 23, 2014

This Is Why You Should Never Spank Your Daughter

Be aware: hitting girls raises a chemical in their bodies that puts them at sexual risk, studies show.

– Sep 5, 2014