Started From the Bottom and Now I’m Here?

Being the best in the room is great—until you realize you can't grow.

Street Preachin': The Loudest Sermon You’ll Never Hear

Can a "good" Christian love Tupac, protest the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision AND love Jesus and say that out loud?

Celebrating Marcus: Random Acts of Kindness To Honor An Angel

On July 11th, celebrate Marcus Solomon Jones by conducting a random act of kindness.

– Jul 9, 2014

To Share or Not To Share: This Opinionated Writer is Sick of Your Opinions

Do we somehow feel entitled to share our every opinion, valid or otherwise, about everything to every daggone person—just because we can?

This Is Why I Keep Writing About Race and Racism

Maybe what I have failed to put a finer point on is that good-intentioned liberals do not understand what racism means.

– Jun 17, 2014

Blue Ivy’s Natural Hair & the Right Of Black Girls To Be… Free

Maybe Blue Ivy's mama isn't being lazy, but deliberate. Maybe Blue gets to be what Bey can't: FREE.

– Jun 16, 2014

The Freedom to Reject Normal: Teaching Children—and Ourselves—To Color Outside the Lines

What happens when you tear down emotional walls, and decide to be 100 percent you—warts, flaws and all?


It's not merely that racism is still rampant in America -- it's that your reaction to it matters.

– Jun 6, 2014

On Race & Double Standards: Will Change Ever Come?

When racial double standards play themselves out on this mom's doorstep, she wonders if her daughter will ever see equal justice.

I Refuse to Remain in the Lower Case: the Argument For Capitalizing the “B” In ‘Black People’

W.E.B. Du Bois fought this very same fight almost 100 years ago, arguing that capitalization is an act of recognition and respect.

– Jun 4, 2014