Question: Since when did enchanting kissable babies become targets of ridicule, violence, and social media foolery?

Answer: When hospital aide Allyson Thompson and her cohort, Joanie Barret, decided it was a good idea to swear against them, violate their bodies, and post photographs and recordings to a Snapchat account.

This wasn’t a good idea. It was dumb. But that’s what happens when dumb and dumber collide.

This story, which was reported on several news platforms, gained traction as screenshots of Thompson’s Snapchat went viral. The snap flaunts an image of a woman’s hand shooting the bird (widely known as the universal sign meaning f**k you), over a sleeping baby with a caption that reads: “How I currently feel about these mini Satans.”

Also seen in the post, is a video of Thompson, holding a newborn baby by the arms, giving no support to its vulnerable neck, dangling the infant as if it were a stooge—a marionette, while she manipulates its body to dance to “In Da Club,” a rap song by 50 Cent.

They did this, y’all—to a newborn—only hours old.

The dirty bitches women, in their early twenties, are Navy corpsmen who worked in the neonatal unit at Naval Hospital Jacksonville. They may also add vile and disgusting rank ass heifers to their credentials. Nurses they are not. They are criminal. Both exercised poor behavior and bad judgement that warrants equal consequence. Their acts are terroristic.

They have since been removed from their posts as the image and video make the rounds on timelines, threads, and news outlets across the nation. An anonymous former classmate of Thompson viewed the snap then shared it, and her outrage, to her Facebook page:

“A girl I went to high school with is a navy nurse and this is how her and her shitty friend treat the babies that have just been born. My blood is literally boiling and I want to snitch bc that is someone’s child. The first pic is her friend who is making the baby dance and she’s playing rap music in the background. I’m LIVID and I’m snitching bc she should get fired from her job but idk how to go about it. Pissed isn’t even the words.”

Almost immediately, her post took a social justice turn . It was re-shared over 180,00 times by other livid users who rallied, and reported Thompson and Barret’s disturbing acts. For this, the public can thank social media.

Social media went in—expressing their contempt for the women’s behavior.

In response to public outrage, the Naval Hospital issued an apology. The U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine & Surgery issued a statement, confirming Thompson and Barret would no longer perform patient care and that the babies’ parent were informed. And though this is mere salve for such a malicious offense, a full-on investigation is underway with Naval Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) at the helm.

Reportedly, a text conversation between Thompson and an unknown person has surfaced. In the exchange, the alleged offers a lukewarm apology, but adds insult to injury, claiming she and her co-defendant were “being stupid & bored.” The admission is simply another affront to the affected families. How dare this motherskunk she.

The video leaves a lasting impression. Laughter can be heard, giggles,—a woman jokes in the background, “we’re going to hell.”

The Navy corpswomen who abused Black newborns deserve a punishment they can taste. Click To Tweet

These collective acts are not to be taken lightly. They are violent—and triggering for sufferers of mindless assault. Their actions fuel and confirm parents’ worst fears. I do not know what redemption, for these foul heaux women, looks like—but I do know Thompson and Barret deserve a punishment they can taste. One that shames them—like forever.

Their names need to be added to a national child abuse registry. They should be restricted from interactions with children. These female dogs should be limited to living within 1000 feet of schools and childcare facilities. Their background information should be stained with their violations like other child predators. They are dangerous. And it is a good idea to ban them, eternally, from any form of healthcare. They ain’t shit. Hell might be too cold for their kind of ilk.

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Ida Harris

Ida Harris is a journalist and cultural critic covering a range of topics that intersect with Blackness, including art, activism, pop culture, parenting and womanhood. Ida is especially known for her critical writing on sexual assault against Black women and girls. Her work is featured in ELLE , DAME , Blavity, Teen Vogue , and USA Today.

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  1. I agree with all of the above. I just want to point out that this abuse was not committed by licensed, professional RNs or nurses. These were unlicensed most likely “nurse’s aids”. This is an important distinction to me, as a nurse, not to associate this type of unbelievable abuse with the nursing profession. Thank you for your column.

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