African American children

Sibling Fighting: It’s like Mayweather v Pacquiao. Except They’re (Slightly) Smaller and More Brutal.

Sibling fighting is inevitable. But you can teach your kids how to work it out.

– Apr 22, 2015

Baby Teeth Jewelry Is Actually, Like, A Thing. So You Know.

Apparently, moms across the land are so obsessed over preserving memories of their babies that they're having their kids' baby teeth dipped in gold and silver and attached to chains.

– Jan 17, 2014

Buying Breast Milk Online From Strangers Can Be Dangerous For Your Baby. Duh.

From the "Well Duh!" files: a new study found that a whopping 70 percent of breast milk sold to moms on a public milk-sharing forum was contaminated with all kinds of yuck that could put babies in serious danger.

– Oct 22, 2013

Transracial Adoption: A White Mom’s Complex Journey Parenting Black Children

In the continual walk into the bizarre, bittersweet, and complex journey of transracial adoption and parenting... and in learning who I am and what I can become, I’ve evolved into someone so much more than the person the world says I should be.

– Oct 14, 2013

[FATHER/HOOD] Villages Don’t Raise Children Anymore

By SHAWN TAYLOR Let’s go way back. On the 1996 De La Soul classic Stakes Is High, Posdnuos emceed “Neighborhoods are now ’hoods/’Cause nobody’s neighbors/Just animals/Surviving with...

– Apr 3, 2013

Louis Armstrong Had A Child: A Daughter Claims Her DNA—And, Finally, Her Legacy

By SHARON PRESTON-FOLTA Dear Dad, I thought that telling our story would bring me some peace. I laid that burden, too, on time—thought that the...

– Mar 13, 2013

Getting Grown: My Babies Aren’t Babies Anymore. [Word(ful) Wednesday]

It seems like this happened in just the blink of an eye. One day, they were giggly, cute little chubby-cheeked babies riding on my hip....

– Oct 17, 2012

T.I. And Tiny’s Family Hustle: Major Discipline Involves Time-Outs and Words, Not Hands (VIDEO)

Let me just go on ahead and say it: I love me some T.I. Not in a groupie kinda way. I mean, he’s cute and...

– Sep 12, 2012

A Different Labor Day: Improving Maternity Health For Black Moms and Babies

Labor Day holds a very special place in my heart for a very specific reason: I grew up in a household with parents who were...

– Sep 3, 2012

Hot Cheetos and Takis: Anatomy Of An Addictive Kid Snack And The Viral Video Sensation

Here’s what I know about Hot Cheetos and Takis: after one of Lila’s Mexican friends introduced the spicy rolled corn tortilla snacks to her and...

– Aug 24, 2012