African American fathers and exercise

MyBrownBaby Family Fun: Learning to Double Dutch With Double Dutch Aerobics!

I was the only Black girl on the planet who didn't know how to Double Dutch. Until a world Double Dutch champion taught me—in less than a minute!

– Apr 9, 2014

Totally Lila and the Totally Awesome Exercise Work Out For Tweens

Totally Lila is back with a new video showing off how she stays fit for soccer.

– Mar 19, 2014

Zero Years a Slave: Setting my Child Free from Generational Bondages

Watching "Twelve Years A Slave" made Tracey Michae'l Lewis-Giggetts think long and hard about her own mental/emotional bondage, and ways she can avoid passing along her baggage to her daughter.

Fatherhood Fitness: How One Black Dad Took Control Of His Health—For His Daughter’s Sake

By SHAWN TAYLOR The invincibility of youth is amazing, but it fades: the reality of my body’s limits now hit in my knees, the small of...

– Apr 25, 2013