This is my confession: I’ve never been a sporty girl. Sure, I loved watching boxing with my father when I was little, and really dug the New York Knicks and NBA ball games when I was 20-something, but truly, I couldn’t throw a ball across a plate, kick a soccer ball into a net or shoot—and make—a jump shot if my life depended on it, and you wouldn’t catch me running unless I was being chased. Which is why I’m so glad I married a jock of a man who insisted that his daughters get really comfortable with a few things their mother would totally pass on encouraging them to do if left to her own devices: playing with bugs, soccer balls, softballs and basketballs. Alas, I’ve got two female athletes on my hands and, honestly, I couldn’t be more pleased that my girlpies love playing sports. For them, it’s pure challenge and fun. For me, it’s a great way to keep them engaged in something positive and productive. Bonus: Mari and Lila are in incredible shape. Truly, letting them play sports, which involves hours of practice a few days a week and games throughout the weekends, keeps my kids physically fit in ways they’d never be if the only exercise they got was playing in the park every once in a while. Michelle Obama would be proud.

And I couldn’t be more proud of Lila for using her latest Totally Lila video to school her fellow tweens on how she exercises for soccer. Her exercising, after all, doesn’t end on the soccer field. Little Girlpie works hard off-field, too, to keep herself in top physical form, working through a series of exercises designed to help her speed, agility and ability to avoid injury while she’s playing soccer, a sport that she absolutely adores but that could easily cause knee injuries and concussions if she’s not careful. The exercises she’s showing off in Totally Lila Fitness For Kids are movements she and her dad learned from a speed and agility trainer; Nick runs her through her paces throughout the week pretty much anywhere, whether in the park or in our hallway or backyard. I’ve done it with her a few times, and let’s just say, that workout is no joke. Whoo!

Enjoy Totally Lila’s Fitness For Kids Tutorial. Show it to your kids, and if you or they dig it, by all means, tell Lila in the comments section on her YouTube page or here at MyBrownBaby. She lives for the energy, and appreciates every bit of support and encouragement you’re tossing her way!

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