Barack Obama

To Raise Successful Black Kids, You Have to Teach Them Black English

By NICK CHILES If you stumble into my home on many a night, you might come across an unusual sight: me trying vainly to teach...

– Oct 15, 2012

Mitt Romney Thinks 47 Percent Of the Country Are A Bunch Of Slacker Losers. #RichGuyWinning

I watched the secret video of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney telling wealthy donors at a private fundraiser that 47 percent of Americans are “dependent”...

– Sep 18, 2012

Transcript Of President Obama’s Speech To the 2012 Democratic National Convention

Editor’s note: Tonight, in his remarks to the Democratic National Convention, President Obama showed up and all the way out—reminding us in only the way...

– Sep 6, 2012

The Obamas On Easter Sunday: Sasha and Malia Remind Me How Far I’ve Fallen As A Mother

Looking at pictures of President Obama walking with his beautiful family to Easter service at St. John’s Church got me all nostalgic about the big...

– Apr 9, 2012