black children and adoption

The Teen Who Begged to Be Adopted Has a Forever Family

Celebrate! The teen who begged to be adopted has a new family—the social worker who's handled his case for a decade.

– Apr 15, 2015

“Who’s Your Real Mother?” And Other Things To Never Say To An Adoptee

"I bet your real mother was beautiful," is among some of the many statements and questions that drive adoptees batty.

– May 13, 2014

For White Mothers Who Don’t Know How To Style Their Black Children’s Natural Hair: I Feel You

This mom says she'll never look at that brown child with the white mom and make assumptions again.

– Mar 17, 2014

Why This White Mom Loves MyBrownBaby

A white mother of brown children explains why she find solace, strength and home in

– Mar 10, 2014

“Mom, Why Is Everyone Here White?” What My Son Knows About Race That I Never Did

Even Rebecca Carroll's 8-year-old son knows there's something wrong when they visit her virtually all-white hometown.

– Jan 13, 2014

Couple Arrested For Abandoning Adopted Son: What Would You Do If Your Child Pulled a Knife On You?

An Ohio couple faces six months in prison and a $1,000 fine for leaving their adopted son with child welfare officials.

– Nov 18, 2013

The Best Newborn Photo Ever: A 13-Year-Old Adoptee Gets the Baby Pictures He Never Had

Baby pictures are hard to come by for adoptees, especially if they’ve spent years in the foster care system. Maybe the birth parents didn’t have...

– Feb 15, 2013

Beasts Of the Southern Wild’s Quvenzhane Wallis Covers Entertainment Weekly, Plus Fresh Links

Beasts of the Southern Wild breakout star Quvenzhane Wallis, who, at nine, became the youngest ever to be nominated for a “Best Actress” Academy Award, brings...

– Jan 25, 2013

Paying Homage To The OB-GYN Who Escorted Me Into Motherhood, Plus: Happy Mother’s Day!

Celebrating the real MVP: the ob-gyn who helped me give birth.

– May 5, 2011