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Silence the Growl: Donate to the MyBrownBaby Campaign to Help the United Way Feed Kids During Summer Break

Help MyBrownBaby and The United Way of Greater Atlanta Silence the Growl by raising money for meals to feed children during summer break.

– May 11, 2015

Sibling Fighting: It’s like Mayweather v Pacquiao. Except They’re (Slightly) Smaller and More Brutal.

Sibling fighting is inevitable. But you can teach your kids how to work it out.

– Apr 22, 2015

Parenting Through White Privilege: Mom Attacks Meddling Stranger Who Offers To “Help” Her With Her Crying Toddler (VIDEO)

White privilege gives this woman the mettle to meddle in a young mom's parenting choices. The young mom isn't having it.

– Mar 30, 2015

#DangerousBlackKids Shows the Cuteness—and Humanity—Of Our Babies

In the wake of the Michael Dunn verdict, #DangerousBlackKids is a deliciously brilliant way to show the humanity of African American children.

– Feb 18, 2014

Transracial Adoption: A White Mom’s Complex Journey Parenting Black Children

In the continual walk into the bizarre, bittersweet, and complex journey of transracial adoption and parenting... and in learning who I am and what I can become, I’ve evolved into someone so much more than the person the world says I should be.

– Oct 14, 2013

White Mom, Black Daughter, Natural Hair: When Beautiful Means “Different.”

By Stacey Conner “Who does her hair?” she asks me gruffly.  I look up from the table where I am trying to manage my four...

– Sep 11, 2013

Raising 14-Year-Olds Ain’t For Punks: Learning How To Let My Baby Spread Her Wings & Fly

She started high school last week—left this house in a ball of nerves and excitement and fear and delight, curious about this new, independent path...

– Aug 14, 2013

[FATHER/HOOD] Villages Don’t Raise Children Anymore

By SHAWN TAYLOR Let’s go way back. On the 1996 De La Soul classic Stakes Is High, Posdnuos emceed “Neighborhoods are now ’hoods/’Cause nobody’s neighbors/Just animals/Surviving with...

– Apr 3, 2013

Louis Armstrong Had A Child: A Daughter Claims Her DNA—And, Finally, Her Legacy

By SHARON PRESTON-FOLTA Dear Dad, I thought that telling our story would bring me some peace. I laid that burden, too, on time—thought that the...

– Mar 13, 2013

Having Boys Can Take Months Off A Mother’s Life, Study Claims

So, it turns out that when you fall to your knees and cry out to sweet baby Jesus to be a fence before your little...

– Feb 28, 2013