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Bet On Black Dads: Support This Anthology Celebrating Black Fatherhood

I am the daughter of a proud Black man. I am a wife to a man who is a helluva Black father to our daughters....

– Oct 7, 2013

A New Way To Celebrate Father’s Day: Black Dads As Fatherhood Mentors

By SHAWN TAYLOR I am fairly certain that much of my family became Jehovah’s Witnesses because they didn’t want to celebrate holidays. Instead of just...

– Jun 12, 2013

Absentee Black Fathers: A Black Dad Says It’s Time More Brothers Take Care Of Their Children

By SHAWN TAYLOR When my daughter was born, I didn’t experience the love at first sight that so many parents talk about. In fact, I felt...

– May 8, 2013

Baby Number Three In the Millner/Chiles Household?

A typical conversation on growing children, procreation and being 43, as had this morning, before I got even a sip of coffee into my system:...

– Sep 26, 2012

T.I. And Tiny’s Family Hustle: Major Discipline Involves Time-Outs and Words, Not Hands (VIDEO)

Let me just go on ahead and say it: I love me some T.I. Not in a groupie kinda way. I mean, he’s cute and...

– Sep 12, 2012