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Getting My Daughter Her First Bra: Girl Lux Is Pitch Perfect

My baby isn't a baby anymore. Buying my daughter her first bra made that crystal clear. This new tween bra made the trek easier—for sure.

– Oct 28, 2014

Watering the Flower: How I Help My Daughter Embrace Her Beauty

My daughter is blossoming into a beautiful young woman. She just doesn’t know it yet. So I tell her so.

– Aug 19, 2014

Teen Tennis Star Taylor Townsend Is Beautiful Just the Way She is, Even If She Doesn’t Fit Into a Pop Cultural Lens

Pro tennis player Taylor Townsend is never going to be white girl skinny. And the media needs to get on board with that.

– Jun 3, 2014

Building Beauty-full Daughters: Teaching Girls of Color to Love Their Entire Selves

When people tell her 4-year-old daughter she's "pretty," this mom feels the urge to flesh out the compliment to assure her baby she's much more than a pretty face.

– Jan 7, 2014

‘I Am Beautiful the Way I Am’: NYC Girls Project Encourages Self-Esteem For Tweens

Here’s the thing: I’m no fan of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. His crusade against cigarettes, super-sized sodas and fatty oils in restaurant food...

– Oct 2, 2013

‘Say Yes’ : Ava DuVernay’s Delicious New Short Film For Fashion Fair (VIDEO)

Why, why, WHY is Ava DuVernay so doggone dope? After blowing us away earlier this year with The Door, a breathtaking short film she created...

– Aug 15, 2013

Ava Duvernay’s ‘The Door’: A Miu Miu Short Film That Displays Black Women In All Our Beauty

I make no claims to being a fashionista. I mean, I clean up nice and after years of fending off attacks against my black girl...

– Feb 12, 2013

Confession: I Let My Kids Watch The Kardashians and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

So yeah, a day after talking all that yang about the Dark Knight Rises shooting and how I refuse to take my kids to adult...

– Jul 24, 2012