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Kid President’s #SOCKTOBER Fundraiser For the Homeless Is Inspiring & Makes Me Want To Hug Him

Kid President is using his latest video to encourage folks to take a break from uploading selfies, playing Candy Crush and Twitter-stalking Miley Cyrus to collect socks and cash for the needy.

– Oct 23, 2013

White Mom, Black Daughter, Natural Hair: When Beautiful Means “Different.”

By Stacey Conner “Who does her hair?” she asks me gruffly.  I look up from the table where I am trying to manage my four...

– Sep 11, 2013

Return Of the Gentleman: What Black Boys Could Stand To Learn From Their Elders—For Our Girls’ Sake

I mean, I get it: he is my father and so Daddy is going to be an absolute gentleman to his little girl—make me feel...

– Jul 2, 2013

Amazing Black Children: Kid President, Asean Johnson and Y.N. Rich Kids Make Us PROUD!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen some extraordinary African American children floating through my webosphere—intelligent, passionate, humorous, talented brown babies who, even at their...

– Jun 3, 2013

Back-To-School Blues: My Kids Aren’t the Only Ones Bummed That Summer’s Over

The thing is, with the deadlines and the traveling and the packing and unpacking that came with the house sale and the big move, summer...

– Aug 8, 2012