Amazing Black Children: Kid President, Asean Johnson and Y.N. Rich Kids Make Us PROUD!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen some extraordinary African American children floating through my webosphere—intelligent, passionate, humorous, talented brown babies who, even at their tender ages, are lifting their voices to make their marks on the world. I couldn’t resist sharing their awesome here on MyBrownBaby, where we love to celebrate amazing kids. Here, I bring you Asean Johnson, the Y.N. Rich Kids and the always adorable Kid President.

First up: Asean Johnson, a student at Marcus Garvey Elementary School, one of 50 schools targeted for closure by the Chicago Board of Education. Asean was all over the TV, newspapers, the internet and, most importantly, Chicago’s streets, launching fiery speeches against Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to gut public education, earning him widespread admiration and quite a few encouraging suggestions that he replace Emanuel in City Hall. By the time Asean finished making the rounds, Marcus Garvey Elementary was taken off the list of schools scheduled to be shuttered. Salute to Asean for lifting his beautiful voice and making a difference.

Y.N. Rich Kids, a group of young rappers from the Beats and Rhymes after-school summer program at Minneapolis’s North Community YMCA, is back from their Hot Cheetos and Takis fame with a new hip hop ditty, this one about an unlikely rap subject: school uniform swag. The NSJ Crew’s “Khaki Pants” is their latest toast to summer, replete with a catch beat and a bunch of talented kids with flows that would put some of the mess flooding black radio to shame. Push play for a catchy beat and a wicked, smile-infectious performance. I love these doggone kids!

The tux-wearing hype machine Robbie Novak, a.k.a., Kid President, served up this adorable video for moms. I promise you, one of these days, I’m going to run into this little boy. And it will take an army to stop me from pinching his cheeks and wrapping him into the biggest MyBrownBaby hug, like, ever.  I just know this video will make your entire week. Thanks, Kid President!


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Denene Millner

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  1. Calandra Branch

    Thanks for this article Denene! I just posted one about the tragedies that befell two young Queens girls over the past few weeks and my heart has been heavy. I needed your article!!!

  2. That video from Kid President? Priceless.

  3. I heart Kid President:)

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