black Santa

The Problem With Black Pete: the Dutch Christmas Tradition Is Fueled By Racist Antics

The obsession with Black Pete in the Netherlands is offensive—and it's time Blacks here in America raise our voices to help put an end to the tradition.

– Dec 23, 2014

The Best R&B and Soul Christmas Music Playlist Ever

If you’re a true Christmas music connoisseur, you’ll love this R&B, Soul, Gospel and Jazz Christmas music list I whipped up just for MyBrownBaby!

– Dec 23, 2013

Jesus vs. Santa Claus: Why Parents on Both Sides of the Issue Need to Get Over Themselves

Is it possible to have a child believe in Santa Claus and still teach them about the birth of a Savior, the true meaning of Christmas?

Megyn Kelly, Black Santa and Other Colored Things That’ll Make Her Fox Head Explode

If Fox's Megyn Kelly is offended by the idea of a Black Santa, her head would explode if she knew all the ways Blackness rears its beautiful head in our household.

– Dec 17, 2013

Yes, Santa Is Real—At Least For One More Season

I’m still kind of reeling from the day Mari asked for the truth about Santa Claus and I broke it down so it’ll forever be...

– Dec 10, 2012