children’s fashion

Um, Those North West Black Outfits Are A Bit Grown, Aren’t They?

No matter Kanye's "vision" with those North West black outfits, are we really okay with dressing up babies in grown clothes and colors?

– Feb 18, 2015

Getting My Daughter Her First Bra: Girl Lux Is Pitch Perfect

My baby isn't a baby anymore. Buying my daughter her first bra made that crystal clear. This new tween bra made the trek easier—for sure.

– Oct 28, 2014

‘Totally Lila’ and the Totally Snowy Day: When Snow Strikes Tweens

In the latest episode of "Totally Lila," Little Girlpie shows how tweens "enjoy" a snow day.

– Feb 5, 2014

The Obamas On Easter Sunday: Sasha and Malia Remind Me How Far I’ve Fallen As A Mother

Looking at pictures of President Obama walking with his beautiful family to Easter service at St. John’s Church got me all nostalgic about the big...

– Apr 9, 2012