So yeah. Snow. In Atlanta. It’s not pretty. Like, ever. But this past week, a little two-inches of the white stuff virtually shut down our entire city—clogged the highways, had babies sleeping overnight in school cafeterias and even buses stuck out on the streets, forced car owners to abandon their rides on the side of the road and slip-slide on icy sidewalks and shoulders up and down the interstates, even had Georgians camping out at the Home Depot and local grocery stores until somebody—anybody—cleared the ice so they could get home.

We were lucky: our kids made it home before stuff got crazy, and I’d already hit the gym and the grocery store before the snow fall, so we were able to hunker down at our place without worry about shoveling, de-icing, slipping, sliding, getting stuck, being cold or starving. The kids were happy to come home early, too, and they were downright ecstatic for the snow day they got to take the next day. At least Mari was. She plotted out TV schedules, searched for delicious desserts to whip up, got her nail polishes ready and settled in with a giggle on her lips, happy to be home for as long as the Atlanta Public School System told her she could be.

Lila? Well, let’s just say that while snow days are awesome in theory, Little Girlpie’s got about a half’s worth of playing in the snow before she gets too cold for the outside, and about a half hour more cooped up in the house before she’s bouncing off the walls. Like I said, snow in Atlanta ain’t pretty. Neither is cordoning off Lila in the house while Atlanta gets its stuff together. Yeah.

So the second installment of her new YouTube show, Totally Lila, chronicles how Lila gets down on snow days. Get ready. Show “Totally Snowed In…” to your Girlpies and Boypies. We hope you dig it! If you do, leave a comment for Little Girlpie. She loves those.

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Denene Millner

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  1. Lila I understand. Not fun to be totally snowed in, but absolutely love your video. Hang in there. Spring is just around the corner…well almost.


  3. “I’m kinda sad cuz…I like school!” <—This. Is. Everything.

    You are incredible, Lila. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi my name is Jada, I am 8 years old. I’m your cousin and I like your show.

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