Disciplining children

A Better Way: One Mother Wrestles With All This “New Fangled” Discipline

This mom is learning that if she wants to change her daughter's character, not just her behavior, spanking may not be the best option for disciplining.

Adrian Peterson, Charles Barkley & Switches: It’s Time To Let Go of Plantation Discipline

Adrian Peterson and Charles Barkley think switches are good parenting tools. I've got a few betters ones.

– Sep 15, 2014

Airplane Madness: Man Slaps Black Toddler, Tells Mom To “Shut That N****R” Baby Up” (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Joe Rickey Hundley, the 60-year-old man accused of slapping a black baby in his face during an airplane flight, surrendered to federal agents and...

– Feb 18, 2013

Hello. My Name Is Denene Millner and I’m A Screamer.

I don’t mean to holler and yell like a banshee when my kids get out of line. It just, like, happens. Usually, I yell after...

– Aug 16, 2012