instilling racial pride in black children

Nurturing Culture and Pride In Black Children: mater mea’s Agatha Achindu Leads the Way

Showing the beauty, complexity, strength and awesome of Black moms and our children with a celebration of Agatha Achindu, founder and CEO of organic baby food line, Yummy Spoonfuls.

– Apr 16, 2014

The First Memorial Day: Celebrating Fallen American Soldiers & the Freed Slaves Who Honored Them

Well yes, there will be barbecues galore and lots of beer passed about and some kick-ass sales at the mall and everyone will enjoy their...

– May 27, 2013

A village answers ‘What does it mean to raise a Black child in the 21st century?’

By SHAWN TAYLOR I’ll get right down to it. I asked several people the following question: What does it mean to raise a Black child in...

– May 3, 2013

Black Children and Black History: The Importance Of Teaching Our Kids the Complexity Of Us

I was in the car headed to the Atlanta OneMillionRising rally with Mari and three of her female classmates, singing Prince’s “Adore” loud and off-key,...

– Mar 4, 2013

Black & Proud: How I Teach My Children to Love Their African-American Heritage

It’s a ritual I began the first day my girlpie, Mari, started kindergarten. I’d fluff her super cutie outfit, adjust the fancy barrettes in her...

– Jan 18, 2013

Study: Arming Your Children With Race Pride Will Boost Their School Performance

By NICK CHILES They are among the most difficult questions a black parent has to face: How far do you go in preparing your children...

– Jan 4, 2013