mental illness

Facebook Suicide: When a Black Child’s Tragedy Finds Its Way On To Social Media

If the Facebook suicide of Nakia Venant teaches us parents we need to be more vigilant about the mental health of Black children—and take measures to help.

– Feb 1, 2017

When the Rainbow Isn’t Enough: For Karyn Washington

African Americans need to tout that it’s okay to seek professional intervention if you are so broken, so emotionally in pain, that your everyday song is filled with thoughts about not living.

– Apr 18, 2014

A Word About The Writer’s Life: Honoring Erica Kennedy

In my old life, before blogging, before kids, before authoring New York Times bestsellers, before my advice columns at Parenting and my freelance writer’s life,...

– Jun 18, 2012

{CoffeeBreak} My Son And the Knife: When Mental Illness Turns a Boy Into a Man

By Michelle Bond My son was a week old the morning his father threatened me with a butcher knife because I tried to wake him...

– Feb 5, 2011