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9 Ways to Teach Kids About Love Without Saying a Word

Kids learn more about how to give and receive love from what we do than from anything we could ever teach them with words.

– Jun 1, 2015

What To Expect When Girls Hit Puberty: You. Will. Deal. [Digging In the MBB Crates]

You kinda know what to expect when girls hit puberty, but it's hard to prepare yourself for this one true thing: you'll be as emotional as they are.

– May 18, 2015

Not In My Shoes: Why I Want My Daughter To Walk Her Own Life Journey

When her daughters plays dress-up in her shoes, this mom warns herself to let her girl walk her own life journey.

Watering the Flower: How I Help My Daughter Embrace Her Beauty

My daughter is blossoming into a beautiful young woman. She just doesn’t know it yet. So I tell her so.

– Aug 19, 2014

Start With the Heart: How To Teach Children To Do the Right Thing

This mom wants her child to do the right thing because it's in her heart to do so—not because she's afraid of doing wrong.