renisha mcbride

As Ferguson Prepares For the Anniversary of Mike Brown’s Shooting, a Touching Video Highlights Langston Hughes “Kids Who Die.”

The anniversary of Mike Brown's shooting inspired this reflection on the deaths of children killed at the hands of police and racists, set to the words of Langston Hughes' prophetic anti-lynching poem, "Kids Who Die."

– Aug 7, 2015

It Could Have Been Me: When Stupidity Means Death and Other Fears of a Mother

Everyone—Black children included—has the right to make bad choices and mistakes as a teen, and live to tell the tale.

Another Outrage: Cops in New Mexico Attack Family, Shoot at Car Filled with Children

Watching New Mexico officers attack Oriana Ferrell and her family and shoot at her car, we must ask why the lives and bodies of African Americans are still devalued in this country.

– Nov 19, 2013

Renisha McBride’s Death Ruled a Homicide, So Why Hasn’t Her Killer Been Arrested?

It took six weeks for Florida authorities to arrest George Zimmerman after he killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Let's hope the Michigan authorities can move faster than that in arresting the killer of Renisha McBride.

– Nov 12, 2013

MyBrownBaby Fresh: Man Sues Wife For Having ‘Ugly’ Kids, Unarmed Renisha McBride Killed After Seeking Help

This man sued his wife for having ugly babies—and won. This, and four other stories that caught our attention this week, including Jamilah Lemeiux moving piece on the shooting death of #RenishaMcBride.

– Nov 8, 2013