toys for black children

Filling My Home With Brown Dolls, By Any Means Necessary

This mom will go to any lengths to create a home in which her daughter's brown skin and puffy hair is celebrated.

– May 12, 2014

Megyn Kelly, Black Santa and Other Colored Things That’ll Make Her Fox Head Explode

If Fox's Megyn Kelly is offended by the idea of a Black Santa, her head would explode if she knew all the ways Blackness rears its beautiful head in our household.

– Dec 17, 2013

Picking the Brown Doll: Why Images Matter

A mother is reaffirmed in her commitment to stay vigilant about images she exposes her daughter to after a class project reveals her baby girl is listening.

– Dec 3, 2013

Forget Princess Toys: The Video That’ll Make Girls Want To Build Some Stuff

This video right here? This video right here? EH! VER! REE! THANG! I mean, what could be better than three little girls mean-mugging pink tea sets...

– Nov 20, 2013

Shopping While Black: the Beigewashing of Tiffany Woodkins

By AYA de LEON So let me begin by saying there are an infinite number of shades of people of African heritage and they are...

– Sep 27, 2013