White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans

60 Years After Brown Decision, US Schools More Segregated Than Ever

Many of the advances in desegregating schools made after the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education ruling have stopped—or been reversed.

– May 19, 2014

What Educational Excellence Looks Like

She's no "Tiger Mom." But our Faith & Motherhood columnist knows a thing or two about how to coax excellence out of our babies.

Brilliant but Lazy: Helping Your Underachieving Son to Succeed

How do you motivate your underachiever when you know he has the potential to succeed in school and life?

– Mar 31, 2014

Pres. Obama Tries to Attack Educational Underperformance of Black Children

By NICK CHILES To address the alarming underperformance of African-American students in the nation’s school, President Obama yesterday signed an executive order establishing an office...

– Jul 27, 2012